Greeting, followed with good news to all the readers who are gaming fans and especially PUBG. PUBG India has bagged government approval and is now a Private Limited company, registered under the Companies Act, 2013 in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, also known as MCA, has approved PUBG India Private Limited.  The company is registered at the MCA portal having a valid Corporate Identity Number (CIN).

The date of incorporation of the company is 21st November 2020, having its registered office in Bangaluru. Though registered in India, it is a subsidiary of a foreign company. The company is a company limited by shares, having an authorized capital of Rs 15,00,000/- The directors as mentioned at the time of incorporation are Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohn. Mr. Kumar is a director in a total of nine companies including PUBG in India, of which Accuweather India Private Limited is one, whereas Mr. Hyunil is a director in PUBG India only.

pubg india registration

This approval calls for celebration as this means that PUBG is likely to start its operations soon in India. Now, like any other business, PUBG can operate its India office and have a presence in the Indian Market.

There are possibilities that PUBG might have to take other government approvals as well amidst the ban that was imposed. To satisfy the Indian government and to make peace with the Indian government the company has incorporated an Indian company.