In a heartbreaking incident reported from Puducherry, a girl reportedly mistook rat poison kept by her room’s window as a chocolate cake, and died after consuming it. The 14-year-old deceased was identified as R Saloth Nithikshina, a Karaikal resident. The deceased had dropped out of her school after developing a muscular disorder called generalized dystonia.

According to reports, earlier on Sunday, the deceased had complained of not feeling well and had developed symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. When her mother asked her if she ate something strange, she claimed that she just ate the chocolate cake kept at the window.

Her mother was immediately alarmed as she knew that a bar of rat poison was kept by the window in her daughter’s room. The mother rushed her daughter to the government hospital. The girl was then referred to the Karaikal Government General Hospital.

Although she was admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital, she passed away while undergoing treatment.

Following the incident, the police have registered a case under Section 174 (suspicious death) of the CrPC and an investigation has been initiated in the matter.

The incident is eerily similar to an incident reported form Mumbai, where a 24-year-old consumed rat poison, mistaking it for her medicine for stomach ache.

The Facts of the Matter

For any parent, the death of their child is perhaps the biggest grief that they can be subjected to. However, the grief intensifies doubly when the death comes in the most bizarre, shocking and unexpected forms. In one such incident, a 14-year-old girl in Puducherry recently died after she mistakenly consumed rat poison, thinking that it was chocolate cake.

The deceased has been identified as R Saloth Nithikshina and her mother was identified as R Stella Mary.

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Deceased Complained of Illness

Earlier on Sunday, Saloth complained to her mother about feeling unwell and started displaying worrying symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. When her mother asked if she ate something strange, Saloth indicated that she had consumed the chocolate cake kept beside the window of her room.

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Mother Shocked

Mary was shocked to find out that her daughter consumed a “chocolate cake’ which actually was rat poison kept beside the window. She rushed her daughter to the Kottucherry Government Hospital. After receiving preliminary treatment, she was rushed to Karaikal Government General Hospital for advanced treatment.

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The Tragic Demise

Although she was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit where her treatment had started, she eventually passed away during treatment. Following the incident, the police registered a case of suspicious death and a probe was initiated.

According to a TOI report, the deceased had dropped out of studies for the last two years as she had developed generalized dystonia, a movement disorder that causes the muscles to contract involuntarily.


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