In a devastating development coming from Puducherry, a viral video shows a scooter laden with firecrackers explode. As an aftermath of the incident, the father & son were charred and burnt to death. The incident was reported on the Puducherry-Villupuram border on November 4, the day when Indians across the country celebrated Diwali. The man and his son were residents of Ariyankuppam. For the unversed, Ariyankuppam is known for its firecracker manufacturing factories where several of the factories have remained unregistered and don’t have proper validation to operate legally.


Amid rising health concerns and concerns related to environmental pollution, India celebrated Diwali on November 4. On the occasion of the festivals of lights, netizens this year were divided. While some called for not bursting fireworks as it causes environmental pollution, others proclaimed that celebrating Diwali by bursting crackers is part of the Hindu culture.

As an aftermath of Diwali, several states registered a concerning AQI (Air Quality Index) score. While Delhi was choked severely and touched the Hazardous AQI score of 999, Mumbai witnessed a relatively moderate AQI which stood between 149-165.

Meanwhile, several devastating firecrackers related accidents were also reported from corners of the country.

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The Facts of the Matter

A 7-year-old and his father were burnt to death after a scooter they were riding on caught fire due to firecrackers. The incident was reported from Puducherry near the Villupuram border. Reportedly, the father-son duo were going to their village in Kottakuppam when the accident happened. Further, the devastation was captured on CCTV cameras which showed the explosion and how the duo’s body got engulfed in the fire.

Cause of Accident Speculated as Friction

According to reports, the accident’s victims were Kalainesan and Pradeep, the former’s 7-year-old son. As mentioned earlier, the duo was on its way to the Koonimedu village in Kottakuppam. The duo was carrying with it a pack of firecrackers. While it still hasn’t been ascertained as to how the firecrackers burst, it is being speculated that this was caused due to friction.

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What the Footage Showed

The footage shows a busy intersection and people on their two-wheelers can be seen going about their way. The 26-second-video then showed a man riding a black-coloured two-wheeler. Although the son can’t be seen in the footage, it has been reported that he was sitting on the firecracker bundle that was kept on the scooter’s front side.

Passerby Thrown Off his Vehicle Due to Accident

The footage then comes to its shocking and horrific point when an explosion occurs due to the firecrackers. Further, the intensity of the explosion was so strong that another passerby that was riding a two-wheeler was thrown off his vehicle as he was quite close to the two wheelers.

The footage goes blank for a few seconds. When the visuals are back again, one can see some passers by rushing to the spot. The firecracker induced explosion was so intense that the bodies of both son and father were torn and scattered on the road.

Watch the Footage Here:

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2 Migrant Workers Die in Hyderabad in Firecracker Explosion

Another firecracker related incident was reported from Hyderabad on November 5. Reportedly, two idol-making artists were left dead on the spot while they were bursting crackers in Hyderabad’s Chatrinaka. Another person who accompanied the two men was critically injured in the accident.

Victims Dumped Several Firecrackers in Pit to Get Intense Explosion

Reportedly, the two migrant workers were on the lookout for arranging their firecrackers in a way that it causes a high-intensity explosion. To do so, the workers dumped several firecrackers in a pit and ignited it.

While their mission of having an intense blast got accomplished, it also ended up taking their lives, and injuring one another man. The migrant workers were both West Bengal residents. The injured person is reportedly from Uttar Pradesh.