In the Honey Singh domestic abuse case, Singh’s wife Shalini alleged that her husband ‘pulled her & slapped’ her’. Through many instances filed in her complaint, Shalini Singh is now seeking 10 cr compensation from her rapper, singer husband.

For the unversed, Yo Yo Honey Singh is a popular rapper and singer who works predominately in the Punjabi music industry. Recently, Singh found himself caught up in a storm when his wife filed a complaint in a local Delhi court alleging domestic abuse.


Rapper and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, who’s famous for creating groove worthy lyrics and raps in his music, is now made to face the music due to his alleged actions against his wife Shalini Singh. On August 3, Shalini took to the Tis Hazari court in Delhi where she filed a complaint against Singh pertaining to domestic abuse and more. While Honey Singh or Hirdesh Singh (his real name) hasn’t given any public opinion, the 120-page plea has been made privy to media houses.

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Marriage a “commitment” Honey Singh made

In the plea, Shalini claimed that Hirdesh’s behaviour towards her changed instantly when the couple took off for their honeymoon back in 2011 at Mauritius. According to the plea, Shalini claimed that her husband was ‘rude and brash’ and when she tried to inquire it about him, her husband ‘pushed her’ and told her that his marriage to her was “commitment he made” and he was married against his will.

“Pulled hair, slapped and told to shut up”

The singer famous for Brown Rang, Angrezi Beat and a plethora of Punjabi hits has been part of the controversy when he came up with the song ‘Mein Hu Balatkari’. While Singh denied writing the rap part of the song, it seems that his actions towards his wife were similar to his songs. At one point in her plea, Shalini claimed that once Singh “pulled her hair, slapped her and told her to shut up”, when she asked him when he left her alone during a trip.

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Adultery Allegations

Another detail that gives a more in-depth look into the relationship between the couple was Singh’s alleged casual relationships. In her plea, Shalini mentioned how Singh had affair with a woman who worked with him in the music video of ‘Brown Rang’. According to her plea, Shalini had kept a fast for him while Singh was in Dubai with the alleged woman.

Further, in the plea she also mentioned how she had gotten her hands on a few pictures where Singh was with a woman in ‘compromising position’. When Shalini confronted Singh, the latter threw ‘liquour bottles’ at her and told her to mind her own business. If Shalini’s plea has to be believed, there were other similar pictures as well which had different women and Singh in them.

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Singh had “frequent casual sex”, Beat Shalini Up ‘Mercilessly’

Shalini claimed that Singh never took her to music tours and used to have ‘frequent casual sex’ with several women. Moreover, he didn’t disclose his relationship to Shalini to the world and also chose not to wear an engagement ring as he thought diamonds brought bad luck.

Perhaps the most devastating detail came in the form of Shalini alleging that when her wedding pictures were made viral online, Singh ‘beat her up mercilessly’, and alleged that it was Shalini behind the leak.

For all such instances, Shalini is now seeking Rs. 10 crores compensation under the Protection of Women for Domestic Violence Act. Tania Singh, the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate has also issued an order which states that the singer husband has to pay rent of Rs. 5 lakh per month for a fully furnished accommodation so that she can live a live by herself and not remain dependent on her mother who’s a widow.