In a shocking turn-of-events reported from Pune, a driver reportedly beat down a traffic cop with footwear for stopping him after he jumped the red signal. The motorist was thereafter arrested for assaulting the cop. The incident was reported earlier on Saturday during the peak traffic hours at 5 pm on the Kharadi bypass located off the Pune-Ahmednagar Road. The cop who was assaulted was assistant inspector Anand Ramchandra Gosavi.

As per S N Lahane, Airport police Assistant Inspector, the accused was in his car and was traveling to Hadapsar when he jumped the red signal at the bypass chowk at Kharadi. This prompted constable Gosavi to intercept the accused’s car and direct him to produce his driver’s license.

When constable Gosavi initiated the process of imposing a challan, the accused started arguing with him and abused him. The argument turned into altercation when the accused grabbed the constable by his collar and even tore off his shirt.

Before the cop could pacify the accused or retaliate, the accused removed his footwear and hit him on the head. Meanwhile, two other cops witnessing the ordeal overpowered the accused.

The accused was identified as Balkrishna Talke. He was arrested under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Section 332 (causing hurt to public servant).

The Facts of the Matter

While reports of police brutality in India are dime a dozen, there are times when civilians go berserk on police officials, and pay for their acts dearly. In one such incident, a man in Pune was arrested for assaulting a cop with his footwear. The cop was assaulted after he stopped the accused when he had jumped the red signal.

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Accused Jumps Red Signal

The incident was reported from Kharadi bypass located off the Pune-Ahmednagar Road and occurred sometime around 5 pm on Saturday, which is peak traffic hour on the bypass. The accused, identified as Balkrishna Talke was driving his car and on his way to Hadapsar when he jumped the red signal at the chowk.

Cop Reprimands Accused, Argument Ensues

Constable Anand Ramchandra Gosavi saw Balkrishna jumping the red signal and intercepted his car. Balkrishna was asked to produce his driver’s license and other relevant documents by the car. As constable Gosavi initiated the process of imposing a fine on Balkrishna, the latter started arguing with him.

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Pulling Collar, Tearing Uniform, Assaulting with Footwear

The argument soon escalated when the accused started to abuse the cop in question. Before the police could pacify the accused, or react, the accused pulled his collar and tore his uniform. Things took a turn for worse for constable Gosavi as the accused removed his footwear and slammed it on the cop’s head.

Before the accused could create more nuisance, two cops who were manning the signal, saw the ordeal and rushed to overpower the accused.

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Accused Arrested

The accused, Balkrishna Jayram Talke, is a Wagholi resident. He was arrested under multiple sections of the IPC. This includes, IPC Section 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant), Section 332 (Voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), and Section 504 (Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of breach).


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