In an incident that can be labelled ‘Pune Horror’, a leopard on prowl in Hinjewadi infotech Park was caught on CCTV attacking a pet dog and dragging it away. The disturbing footage surfaced earlier this week, after locals reported authorities about a stray leopard triggering panic and distress on Tuesday. The stray leopard was last seen in Hinjewadi Infotech Park in Pune, and has not yet been captured or driven away by the authorities.

The feline reportedly entered the home of Sambhaji Baban Jadhav at Shinde Vasti and took their pet dog. Despite repeated requests from villagers, the forest department has not taken any action to set traps for the leopard, which has been sighted in the vicinity of Nere, Jambe, and Kasarsai villages for a very long time now.

Sambhaji Baban Jadhav informed the gram panchayat and the forest department immediately after finding their pet dog missing, but no official or staff has visited their village till date, Pune Mirror reported.

The lack of action by the forest department has left villagers feeling frustrated and fearful for their safety. The repeated sightings of the leopard have created a sense of dread and unease among the locals, who are urging the authorities to take action before it is too late.

The Facts of the Matter

The recent incident of a stray leopard entering the Hinjewadi InfoTech Park area in India has once again brought to light the issue of random leopard sightings in human settlements.

The random leopard sightings in human settlements have become a common occurrence in many parts of the world, and it can be a challenging task for the authorities to manage and control these situations. The lack of appropriate measures can lead to human-leopard conflicts, which can have dire consequences for both humans and animals.

Recently, a leopard attacked a pet dog and dragged it away, causing anxiety and panic among locals who have alleged inaction by the authorities in the matter. The entire incident was caught on CCTV, visuals of which, are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

The security camera footage of the incident sends shivers down one’s spine. In the dead of the night, a stray leopard stealthily entered the Hinjewadi InfoTech Park areas.

The feline, on the prowl for prey, made its way to Sambhaji Baban Jadhav’s house at Shinde Vasti of Nere village, situated near the Hinjewadi IT Park Phase III.

There, it pounced on a helpless pet dog that was tied outside the house. The attack was swift and brutal as the leopard snatched the canine and dragged it away, leaving in the dead of night, and triggering a wave of panic among locals who found the pet missing the next day.

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Watch the Video here

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Locals Allege Inaction by Authorities

A Pune Mirror report quoted the house owner Sambhaji Baban Jadhav, saying, “When we found our pet dog missing, we checked our CCTV cameras and found that the leopard took away our dog. We immediately informed the gram panchayat and the forest department.

In his interview, Jadhav also alleged inaction from the authorities, and further said, “. However, no forest official or staff has visited our village till date. Are they waiting for the animal to attack us? Why didn’t they take any action earlier? People are scared to step out of their houses.”


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