Authorities in Pune are mystified at the recent incident of two 19-year-old best friends committing suicide within 1 hour of each other’s death. Both the deceased allegedly took their lives in Pune’s Hadapsar. While investigation is currently on in the matter, the police are thrown into tizzy to ascertain what caused the drastic deaths of the two deceased who had an entire life ahead of them.

According to reports, the deaths were reported earlier on Tuesday evening from Pune’s Hadapsar area. The two deceased have been identified as Sanika Bhagwat and Akanksha Gaikwad. Both the accused lived with their respective families in societies close to each other in Hadapsar’s Shewalewadi region.

While Sanika was an animation student at a local institute, her friend Akanksha Gaikwad was doing her graduation in bachelors in commerce. Reportedly, Sanika was found dead at her residence at around 6.30.

While the police were conducting investigation, her friend Akanksha had reached the spot. Sometime around 7.30, Akanksha too jumped from the terrace of the fifth floor of a residential building. Initial investigation from the police confirmed that both the deceased knew each other from their childhood.

During the preliminary investigation, the police found no suicide not and has not been able to ascertain what made Sanika took the tragic step.

The Facts of the Matter

Trigger Warning – Suicide

The Pune police have been sent in a state of tizzy in the case of double-suicide of 19-year-old childhood friends who were found dead within one hour of each other. No suicide notes have been found during the preliminary investigation. According to reports, both the deceased girls knew each other since childhood and lived in housing societies located close to each other’s.

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Two Deceased Lived in Same Area

The two deceased were identified as Sanika Bhagwat and Akanksha Gaikwad, both living in Hadapsar’s Shewalewadi area in Pune, Maharashtra. While Sanika was an animation student who studied in a local institute, her friend Akanksha was graduating in bachelors in commerce. The deceased were found dead earlier on Tuesday.

19-Year-Old Girl Found Dead

Sometime around 6.30 pm on Tuesday Sanika Bhagwat was found dead, hanging with a saree in her home. During the investigation, Sanika’s friend Akanksha had come and appeared to have gone in a state of shock, knowing her friend had passed away.

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Friend Jumps From Building’s Roof Within 1 Hour

As per Hadapsar police station in-charge, Senior Inspector Arvind Gokule, when Sanika’s deceased body was being taken to an ambulance, Akanksha went to the same building’s terrace, which was on the fifth floor, and jumped.

Sanika jumped from the building roof sometime around 7.30 pm, barely an hour after her best friend was found hanging.

Akanksha could not be saved and she succumbed to the multiple injuries she sustained due to the grave fall. As per initial reports, the two girls were close friends who knew each other since their childhoods.

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Police will be Probing Further

While speaking to Indian Express, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Namrata Patil mentioned that the police has not been able to ascertain the exact reason why both the girls took the grave step. She mentioned that the police will be speaking to the family members, friends and friends of friends, to gather more information.


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