With a fanbase of a massive magnitude, Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar has continued winning hearts posthumously. The now passed actor has given eyesight to 4 people. Earlier last week, the Kannada actor passed away at a young age of 46 years. After his untimely passing he was given a state funeral by the Karnataka government which was attended by the dignitaries and actors from South Indian industry. But a bittersweet news came amid the sorrow Kumar left his fans with.

Reportedly, after his passing, Puneeth’s brother immediately called relevant authorities and asked them to collect the actor’s eyes for donation. This has led to 4 people getting a new lease to the life they had spent without appropriate sight. Other than his eyes, his limbal rim was donated which would help a few more needy people.


Death is a surprise, for almost all of us. This is especially true when it’s a younger person at the prime of their life and a legacy that they have already create. It shocks us and envelopes us with grief. And yet, thanks to all the progress medical community has made, now people can leave the world and help others after their passing.

After their passing, a person can end up saving up to eight lives. Typically, a donor can encompass organs such as lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, eyes. Moreover, tissue and skin donation can also help the needy in a major way.

Recently, Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar won hearts even after his passing as he helped 4 people with his eyes that were donated.

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The Facts of the Matter

It’s been less than a week since the death of Kannada megastar Puneeth Rajkumar due to cardiac arrest. While news of his fans committing suicides and self-harm continue to make news, a bittersweet news has emerged.

Reportedly, after he passed away, his brother took the altruistic decision of calling up eye-donation center. After the donation it was reported that 4 persons have gotten a new way to look at life, quite literally. 3 men and 1 woman underwent a surgery in the past two days at the eye-donation center called Narayana Nethralaya.

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Patients Were Between 20-30 Years, Were in Waiting List for 6 Months

According to News18, the patients were between 20-30 years in age. Further these patients were eagarly waiting for a ray of hope as they were listed in the waiting list since the past 6 months. An NDTV report further gave more insight into the matter. The entire process was a logistical challenge and yet, the team of surgeons triumphed against all odds.

How the Doctors Reached to Puneeth Rajkumar’s Hospital

Reportedly, the hospital where Puneeth’s body was kept was blocked. Due to the popularity of the actor, the routes to the hospital were crowded and it remained a challenge for the team to make it in time. Dr Bhujang Shetty of Narayana Nethralaya shared that he took an ambulance to reach as quickly as possible to the hospital.

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Decision to Split Cornea Was Made, Thousands Pleadge to Donate Eyes

The doctor then made another altruistic decision. His team decided to split the two corneas of Puneeth’s eyes to as many people as they can. While the front portion was donated to two people with corneal defect, back portion was given two other two persons with back corneal issue. In this way, the doctors were able to help 4 persons.

A team of 6 specialists took 8 hours to operate on Puneeth across multiple OTs. And their efforts did not go in vain. While 4 people got a new lease to life, the example set by Puneth inspired thousands of people who pledged at the Narayana Nethralaya to donate their eyes after their passing.