In a heartwarming development, a Punjab police dog named ‘Simmy’ who has been part of the drug detection canine squad, recently returned to duty after beating cancer.

Simmy, a shining example of canine resilience, possesses an exceptional set of skills that have made her an invaluable asset to law enforcement. With an acute sense of smell, she can pick up scents that would otherwise elude human detection. This remarkable ability enables her to track down elusive criminals, locate hidden bombs, detect illicit drugs, and even identify hazardous chemicals.

During her recent battle with cancer, Simmy’s unwavering spirit captivated the hearts of all who knew her. Her devotion to duty and unwavering determination inspired her handlers and colleagues alike. Despite enduring a lengthy struggle, she emerged victorious, ready to continue her mission of safeguarding society.

Speaking with admiration, SSP of Faridkot, Harjit Singh, shared Simmy’s incredible journey. He stated, “Dog Simmy fought a valiant battle against cancer for an extended period. Now, her health has improved, and she is back in action.”

“Dog Simmy was suffering from cancer for a long time. Now her health has improved. She helps in anti-sabotage checking, in the past, she helped the Police to seize intoxicating substances from a foreigner,” Mr Singh added.

The Facts of the Matter

Canine units play a crucial role in law enforcement, offering invaluable support and unique capabilities. Canines possess an extraordinary sense of smell, allowing them to detect illicit substances, locate missing persons, and track down suspects with exceptional accuracy and speed.

One such canine in the Punjab police’s unit is ‘Simmy’ who recently made headlines for resuming work, after a long and tedious battle with cancer!

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Simmy Returns to Front Lines After Beating Cancer

In a tale that will surely warm your heart, an incredible Labrador named Simmy has defied the odds and triumphed over cancer, returning to the front lines of the Punjab Police Canine squad. This remarkable four-legged officer has proven once again that sheer determination knows no bounds.

Dogs have long been revered for their exceptional olfactory abilities, making them indispensable allies in the fight against crime. With an uncanny knack for picking up scents, these intrepid canines are trained to sniff out bombs, drugs, and even trace elusive criminals. Simmy, a member of this elite pack, is no exception.

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About Simmy’s Exceptional Skills

Dedicated and unwavering, these squad dogs undergo meticulous training and receive proper guidance to harness their exceptional talents. Simmy, one such squad dog, is specialized in locating and suspecting nefarious substances, aiding law enforcement in their tireless quest for justice.

Brave Labrador Resumes Service – Video

However, Simmy’s journey has been one of immense struggle and determination. Battling cancer for what seemed like an eternity, this brave Labrador refused to surrender. Finally, after an arduous battle against this relentless foe, Simmy’s health has dramatically improved, shining a beacon of hope for all who encounter adversity.

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Punjab SP Speaks About Simmy with Pride

Speaking about Simmy’s miraculous recovery, the Senior Superintendent of Police in Faridkot, Harjit Singh, beamed with pride. He shared, “Dog Simmy was suffering from cancer for a long time. Now her health has improved. She helps in anti-sabotage checking, in the past, she helped the Police to seize intoxicating substances from a foreigner.”


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