The Punjab police recently got involved in a hot pursuit to chase drug peddlers, and had a “Bollywood style” chase, visuals of which are going viral on social media. After a long and stressful 10 km chase, which ranged from small lanes of Ferozepur, to the main roads of the city, the police eventually were able to nab the two accused, with 10g heroin in their possession.

In the video gone viral, a Mahindra Scorpio, driven by the Punjab Police, is seen chasing a white Maruti Suzuki Dzire, driven by the accused. The peddlers can be seen crashing into the two-wheeler driven by a woman, and the woman can be seen falling off of it.

The peddlers continue causing ruckus on the streets, and crash whomever and whatever comes their way. Eventually, they find themselves stuck at a busy junction. This is when a cop can be seen getting out of the SUV and pointing a gun at the two men in the car.

Matters escalate when the peddlers somehow wiggle their way out of the congestion, and the police shoots at them, puncturing their tyres.

Despite having their vehicle damaged, the peddlers managed to drive 10 further kilometers away, before getting caught. The visuals of the image are such that they feel to be something to be from a high-octane action film.

The Facts of the Matter

For years youths of Punjab have been under the toxic and corrosive grips of drugs. The problem is so huge, that every election cycles, the agenda makes it into the political manifesto of the parties, with leaders promising that they will take action against the menace.

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Punjab Police Gets in Hot Pursuit

Recently, the Punjab police were able to arrest two drug peddlers who were in possession of 10g heroin. However, what was interesting was what led to the arrest. The Punjab police gave the peddlers a long chase in the car on the streets of Ferozpur.

The entire ordeal was caught on CCTV, dramatic visuals of which, are going viral on Twitter.

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What Does the Video Show?

CCTV video shows a Swift Dzire (accused peddlers) being slammed by a Mahindra Scorpio (Punjab Police). The accused, in a desperate attempt to flee, hit a scooter and a woman driving it falls on the ground. The car then hits a motorcycle in front of it, and two men who were riding the same, also fell off. The car was seen hitting anything and everything that came in the way, but the Punjab Police were in no mood to let them off.

The Dzire reaches a busy junction and gets stuck due to traffic jam. Sensing the opportunity, a cop gets out of the police vehicle, and points the gun at two men inside the vehicle. The driver of the car doesn’t step out and try to make another run for it.

Meanwhile, the cop in question decides to stop the car and shoots at the tyres. The damaged car continues to drive on despite the ordeal, and the Punjab Police cop is seen trying to chase it by foot.

Watch the Video here:

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Accused arrested After 10 km Chase

The police eventually arrested the two accused from Arif Ke Road, around 10 km from the Bansi Gate, where they had the altercation with the cop with the gun. The accused were identified as Rajbir Singh and Man Singh. They were found to be in possession of 10g of heroin.

Both accused have been booked under multiple sections of the IPC and NDPS Act.


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