Punjab’s viral ‘Kulhad Pizza’ couple, Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, have found themselves embroiled in controversy after an intimate video allegedly featuring them surfaced online. The couple, who run a popular food stall in Jalandhar, claim the video is fake and AI-generated.

Blackmail and Extortion Attempt

According to Sehaj Arora, it all started 15 days ago when they received a message on Instagram containing the video along with demands for money. The sender threatened to leak the video online if their demands were not met.

Rather than give in to blackmail, Arora approached the police and filed a complaint at Jalandhar’s Police Station number 4. In the meantime, the couple became busy with the arrival of their newborn baby. A few days later, the video was leaked online despite no money being paid.

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Clip Made Using AI, Says Couple

In his Instagram video statement, Arora alleged that the intimate video is completely fake and made using artificial intelligence. He appealed to the public not to further circulate the clip and requested privacy during this difficult time.

According to police reports, a 23-year-old woman who previously worked for the couple has been arrested in connection with the extortion attempt. However, the origin and authenticity of the video itself remains uncertain.

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Viral Sensations

Sehaj and Gurpreet shot to social media fame last year when videos of them making pizzas in earthenware cups went viral. Their heartwarming love story and signature ‘Kulhad Pizza’ earned them over 9 lakh and 5 lakh Instagram followers respectively.

The leak of the intimate video has now engulfed their lives in distress. In a tearful video statement, Arora described the devastating impact of the controversy on him, his wife and their families. He maintained his stance that the video is doctored and pleaded with the public to avoid sharing it further.

Uncertain Origins

While the couple strongly asserts that the video is AI-generated, police are still investigating its origins. The rapid advancement of deepfake technology means AI-generated intimate content is becoming increasingly harder to distinguish from real footage.

The Kulhad Pizza couple’s ordeal highlights the need for caution and sensitivity when private content gets leaked online. As their food stall business faces uncertainty in the wake of the scandal, the public response toward the video could determine the future course of their lives.

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