On September 16, PM Modi inaugurated India’s longest expressway the ‘Purvanchal Expressway’. The Indian PM also enjoyed a grand IAF air show where several crucial aircrafts of the air force showed its power and beauty on the Uttar Pradesh skies. The Purvanchal Expressway is constructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 22,500 crores and is sprawled across 341-km. The expressway connects Lucknow to Ghazipur district. Interestingly, the Indian government has made sure that some sections of India’s longest highways can be used by the Indian Air Force for emergency landing purposes.

Earlier in September, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the emergency landing strip that can be used by the IAF. What made the strip special was that it was constructed on a National Highway that was made under the Bharat Mala project.


In 2019, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government shared that the Centre has spent Rs. 1,16,324 crores in road construction, as opposed to Rs. 32,483 crores that was spent in 2013-14 during the UPA government.

Further it was also claimed that the government expanded the national highway network to 1,20,543 kilometers in 2017-2018, as opposed to 92,851 kms in 2013-2014.

As the nation continues to evolve, more and more expenditure is being allocated to road and transport ministry. On November 16, PM Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s longest expressway, adding one more feather in the BJP-led government.

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The Facts of the Matter

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Puravanchal Expressway and in his speech, took a dig ath the opposition parties in the past. Claiming that the previous ruling party did “injustice” to the state’s people, he added that the BJP government has “brought a new era of unimaginable development”.

PM Modi also claimed that earlier, UP was known for its poverty and mafia. However, the recent inauguration of the longest expressway is an example of the development the state has enjoyed.

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Things to Know About Purvanchal Expressway

The expressway will also have major UP districts such as Barabanki, Ayodhya, Amethi, Azamgarh, Ambedkar Nagar, etc. A boost in employment and economy is being expected due to the expressway falling over such districts. It is made at an estimated cost of Rs. 22,494 crores and will also have sections reserved for emergency landing by IAF aircrafts, if needed

PM Modi Enjoys IAF Air Show

After addressing the Uttar Pradesh public, PM Modi enjoyed a grand IAF air show that went on for 45-minutes. He was joined by Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath, Governor Anandiben Patel, and other leaders. The aircrafts and jets took off and landed on the airstrip on the expressway itself, giving a testament of its purposeful construction.

Earlier before the inauguration, PM Modi landed on the highway airstrip aboard an IAF C-130J Super Hercules aircraft.

The airshow saw IAF’s Mirage 2000 landing on the expressway airstrip in Karwal Kheri. The IAF Mirage 2000 has a top speed of 2,336 km/h.

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Special Forces Commandoes Exit from AN-32

In another display of India’s security prowess, special forces commandoes exited from an AN-32 aircraft after the aircraft landed on the section of the expressway. Wearing their combat uniform, the commandos looked lethal and prepared to take on any challenge.

IAF Jaguar Does ‘Touch-and-Go’, Sukhoi Does ‘Vertical Charlie’

As the airshow continued, more and more aircrafts showed the mettle of Indian security. IAF Jaguar did a special ‘touch-and-go’ on the newly inaugurated expressway. A touch-and-go as the name suggest is a maneuver where the aircraft lands on an airstrip and then again takes off.

Sukhoi 30 Does a ‘Vertical Charlie’

In a special maneuver enough to make a person’s neck strain, the IAF’s Sukhoi 30 did a ‘Vertical Charlie’ where it pulled up vertically and continued rolling in the sky before disappearing.