Putin has revived the ‘Mother Heroine’ award of the Stalin era. It was announced on Monday in a decree. With this award, a woman who bears ten or more kids is recognised with financial incentives and social recognition.

As per this decree, a one-time payment of 1 million rubbles will be made after the tenth child turns one year old. However, the other nine children should be alive.

This is being seen as an attempt by Putin to revive the dwindling population of Russia. The COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have brought a demographic crisis to Russia.

What is the ‘Mother Heroine’ Award?

The ‘Mother Heroine’ award was established in the year 1944 by the then ruler of the USSR, Joseph Stalin. It was the time of the Second World War and Stalin was planning for post-war reconstruction.

He came up with this award to support families as families were “the core institution of Soviet society”. Apart from financial assistance, other measures were also taken. These included better health facilities for women and making divorce more difficult.

Stalin had offered this award to around 400,000 citizens.

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What Does This Award Offer?

This award offers financial assistance as well as social recognition. A payment of around 1 million rubbles (₹13 lacks) will be made once the tenth kid turns one-year-old. The only condition is that the other nine kids should be alive.

Why this step now?

The population of Russia has been declining. COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict with Ukraine have led to the loss of huge number of lives. Thus, to encourage Russians to have large families, Putin has come up with this award. Many experts see this as a desperate attempt by Putin.

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How Many Soldiers has Russia Lost Till Now?

Last month, the CIA director J Burns came up with the latest American intelligence data. According to him, Russia has lost the lives of around 15,000 of its soldiers. More than 45,000 Russian soldiers have been injured.


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