In an incident reported from Rajgarh, a bride refused to marry the MP groom who showed up drunk at his own wedding. The incident happened earlier this month on November 7th at Suthaliya, Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh.

The bride, Muskan Sheikh, was in for a shock of her life as she realized that her future-husband and several guests who had accompanied her, were drunk. In fact, a Times of India report added that the groom was in such an inebriated state that he wasn’t even able to stand all by himself.

The bride soon realized that this is not the person she would like to get married with, and decided to not sit at the nikaah. It was also reported that she received the support of her family in this situation.


Wedding – its more than just a day where two individuals tie knots and vow to life solemnly as wedded couple. It’s an event, filled with people, colours, dance, music and so many other things. At times, a wedding feels more like an elaborate film than just a formal arrangement.

India is currently having its ‘wedding da season (season of wedding)’ and weddings are currently in full swing across the nation. Naturally, news outlets are filled with reports of some heartwarming, strange and bizarre moments from marriages across the nation.

Recently, a strange incident was reported from Rajgarh where the woman chose not to sit at her own nikaah.

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The Facts of the Matter

When Muskan Sheikh from Rajgarh was preparing herself for her nikaah, little did she know that the only response she would have for her own marriage would be – “Qubool Nahi Hai!”.

A Times of India report shared that earlier on November 7th, a Rajgarh groom was left his head scratching as his wife chose not to sit beside him during the nikaah. On the day of the wedding, the groom, and his group of relatives and friends made their way to the wedding venue.

Groom So Drunk He Couldn’t Even Stand on Own

However, when the bride saw her future-husband and his friends and relatives in a drunken state, she decided to take a step back. She saw how her husband was so drunk and inebriated that he wasn’t able to stand on his own.

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Bride Says “Qubool Nahi Hai”, Family Supports Her

Times of India reported that it was in this moment that the bride decided to not sit for the nikaah. Her courageous and brave step was appreciated and acknowledged by her relatives. They supported her throughout the incident.

As per the rituals when she was asked whether she accepts the man as her husband, she called the marriage off by denying to accept him.

Not the First Case Like That

It should be noted that this was not the first time a bride called of her wedding due to similar reasons. Earlier this year, an Uttar Pradesh groom reached his wedding venue with baratis in an inebriated state. Further, things turned from bad to worse when the groom tried to force his to-be wife to dance with him.

Irked by the groom’s behaviour, the bride decided to call off the wedding.

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Infamous ‘Nagin’ Dance Gets Marriage Cancelled

Back in 2017, the infamous naagin dance became the cause of a marriage being called off. Reportedly, the incident happened in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. It was reported that the groom, Anubhav Mishra, was so drunk, that he embarrassed his bride by dancing on the ‘naagin’ dance.

However, a final twist emerged in the story when the bride not only called the marriage off, but also ended up tying the knots with a different man the next day!