Recently, Radhe and Dabangg actor Javed Hyder revealed his financial woes and shared how his daughter was expelled for school for not paying up fees. The COVID-19 pandemic shook us all – while some lost their lives, some lost their livelihoods.

Recently, several celebrities have been coming forward and have shown how they have not been able to make ends meet despite working hard and being in a profession which is arguably one of the biggest capital churners in the country.


After popular TV actress Shagufta Ali shared her financial woes to the media and received much needed help from TV actors’ associations and celebrities, several popular actors and actresses have spoken to media about the challenging circumstances they are in or once lived in. Popular comedy actor Rajpal Yadav, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’s Manjot Singh both shared about the days when they struggled to make ends meet and find satisfaction as an artist.

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Who is Javed Hyder?

Recently, another actor- albeit not as popular – shared how he has been financially burdened to the point that his daughter was expelled from the school as he wasn’t able to pay her school fees. Javed Hyder has played supporting cast in Dabangg and Radhe, while also playing an instrumental part in a popular TV show Jeanie aur Juju, but is now facing financial constraints.

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Daughter’s fees and Javed’s Financial Issues

Speaking to a news platform Javed said-

“I have a daughter who studies in Class 8. As a father, I try to train her better. Earlier, as long as the work was going on, there was no problem. But things have been deteriorating over the past few days. My daughter’s online class is going on. She was waived off for three months’ fees, but we had to pay about Rs. 2500 every month. When I went to school and spoke to the administration there, they said that they are already forgiven three months.”

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“Schools don’t have ‘mercy’ on us”: Hyder on her daughter getting expelled

Further, the actor said how he fails to understand the fact that educational institutes ‘don’t have mercy’ on parents who are suffering from financial constraints. Explaining his situation he said-

“Due to the lockdown, my daughter was taking online classes for which I used to pay fees for. In the last couple of months when I couldn’t pay the fees, they expelled her from the online classes. Somehow I managed to pay her fees and managed to make her take the classes.”

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Why Javed Doesn’t Ask Money from Co-Stars

Having worked with a slew of celebrities in the past for big projects, Javed said how he once thought that as he had worked with big names, he could ask them for their help. However, he didn’t do it as he didn’t want to jeopardize his professional life.

“Money is such that at times what happens is when you ask it from someone, they start ignoring your call. And then even when you want to talk about some other project, they continue ignoring you,”

-he explained.

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“Make ends meet by selling wife’s gold”

He also said-

“The fear is that whatever projects you may get, they may also get out of your reach. That’s why people like us make ends meet by borrowing money from fends that don’t belong in the industry or by selling the gold of wife or by putting down the papers of property.”