The epitome of patience and calmness Rahul Dravid is seen losing his cool in the latest CRED ad. Within a couple of hours of the ad being shared on Twitter by CRED, it’s been making the rounds on social media and has been watched over 8,70,000 times on Twitter. If you ever wanted to see the “angry” side of Rahul Dravid, the CRED ad has got you covered.

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Cricket is a truly a gentleman’s sport and Rahul Dravid is on the Mount Rushmore of the sport. A dependable scorer at the times of crisis, Mr. Dravid is known to have never lost his cool temperament no matter how much he is sledged. But in the new ad, written by the writers from the now disbanded comedy collective AIB, Mr. Rahul Dravid is seen revealing his angry side.

In the ad, Dravid is seen sitting in a car that’s stuck in a traffic jam. He is angry and livid and is heard yelling at the commuters around him. What makes the ad even more hilarious is Mr. Dravid taking a cricket bat out and hitting the car next to him in a moment of Hulk like anger.

If you think the incident is completely ridiculous, kudos to you, because that’s exactly the point CRED wants to drive home. Actor and model Jim Sarbh, who’s also part of the ad, says the same in the ad.

After the ad was released online, it was RCB skipper Virat Kohli who took to Twitter and shared his immediate surprise on seeing Dravid’s angry avatar.  The RCB skipper, who will be leading his side today in the first IPL game against MI, wrote, “Never seen this side of Rahul bhai.”

Soon after Captain Kohli sharing the hilarious ad, the twitteratis couldn’t keep calm and shared several memes acknowledging Rahul Dravid’s anger.

This is not the first time CRED has won the affection and attention of the netizens. During the 2020 IPL, CRED came up with some hilarious rib-tickling ads that were telecasted during the games. As a sponsor of the tournament, one would have expected CRED to be making ads which pridefully boasts about their identity.

However, on the contrary, CRED created a few ads, which poked a joke at themselves, and the advertising industry itself. These ads were written by CRED’s ‘in-house’ team of writers which included comedian Tanmay Bhat, writer Devaiah Bopanna and others (all closely associated to comedy collective AIB). In the ad, a ‘frustrated’ team of ad agency is auditioning the likes of Anil Kapoor, Alka Yagnik, Bappi Lahiri and Govinda.

These celebrities are seen presenting an exaggerated and hilarious version of themselves and a simple voiceover in the end says, “CRED, not everyone gets it”, referring to the simplicity of the platform. The ad has jingles where the name of the company is sung or danced on performed at least 10 times which also subconsciously puts the idea in a person’s brain.

The resulting ads are witty and quirky. Moreover, in the ‘cancel culture’ where social justice warriors on the Internet have a problem with anything and everything, the ad steers clear of any such issues.

Check the CRED ads here: