Have you ever seen a crocodile swimming in the rain? A surprising sight, it happened in a city in Haryana recently. This crocodile has a unique story behind it, so be sure to read up on all the details.

Crocodile Reached the Streets

No one expected that due to the heavy rain, creatures would have been flushed out of rivers and appear in city streets. People are concerned since the water level has risen enough to reach their homes.

Crocodile Reach in Ambala

We are talking about Ambala, a city in Haryana, in whose neighborhood a crocodile knocked. The name of this locality is Geeta Nagri. This crocodile was seen in the streets of people’s houses in Geeta Nagri. That street was completely full of water, suddenly a child saw that crocodile and he was very scared.

People Made Video of Crocodile

People were watching that Crocodile from the roofs of their houses. Many people were very scared and many people were also playing games with him. He was teasing her by making loud noises and was making videos of her. One such video is becoming very viral on social media.

Watch the Video

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