The veil on the Raj Kundra arrest is finally disappearing. The tip off- leading to a raid at a Madh Island bungalow – led to a multiple arrests. Now finally the public is made aware of how the cops got to Kundra. For the unversed, Raj Kundra – husband of actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra – was arrested on July 20 in a case pertaining to distribution of pornographic content.


According to a report, the Mumbai Police first received a tip-off in April from a legitimate source that a pornographic film was being shot at a Madh Island bungalow.


Raj Kundra | Image Credit: Orissa POST

The Madh Island Raid

The police acted on the tip-off and carried a raid. The tip off was accurate as the police found 2 people in obscene state that were being filmed. The police detained the people associated to the filming process including those who were acting. Interestingly, the woman – who was rescued by the police – acted as a complainant in the case.

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Interrogation Reveals Horrific Secrets

After the primary interrogation, the police got to know that the 5 arrested individuals were aspiring actress who had come to Mumbai from rural regions of Maharashtra and Jharkhand. These actresses were promised roles in web series.

However, when the actresses reached the location, the people associated with the production would tell them that the script was changed. The producers of the films would then ask the actresses to shoot intimate scenes and if they refused, the producers threatened them that they would need to pay up the bill of shooting.

The women, upon receiving pressure, would agree to the terms reluctantly. After the films were shot, the producers used the footage and posted them on apps like Hot Hit Movies and Hotshots – subscription-based OTT platforms that would have obscene content on them.


Raj Kundra Arrested by Police | Image Credit:

Police Continues Probe, Focuses on Producers

The police continued with their probe and came to know that the movies were shot at rented properties in Mumbai outskirts to avoid unforeseen interruptions and interventions. A minimal staff of 5-6 people used to be present during the shoot.

In the initial stages of the investigation, the police chased on leads regarding the producers, directors and assistants associated to the films. The police arrested producer Rowa Khan and actress Gehana Vasisth and more.

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Focus Shifts to Platforms, Kenrin PVT LTD Under Scrutiny

The police then started to tighten their noose around the platforms where the films were showcased. During one such investigating rounds, the police detained Umesh Kamat – who worked for Kenrin PVT LTD, the company that owned Hotshots app where these movies were showed.

Raj Kundra in the Front and Center of the Case

After air-tight questioning, probe into Kamat’s call records, and investigating financial forensics, the police came to know that Kenrin PVT was run by none other than Raj Kundra himself. Raj used to run the company under his venture called Viaan Industries.


Raj Kundra Under Police Custody | Image Credit:

Further investigation in the matter led to more analysis of financial data and technical data on Kamat’s personal laptop. After being satisfied with the information that Kundra was indeed involved in the matter, the Police took to the court and asked for a warrant to conduct a search in his office.

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Final Arc of the Case

This led to the final arc of the story that has unfolded so far. On Monday, the police carried a massive raid at Kundra’s office and arrested him as they found “incriminating evidence” against him. It should be noted that Hotshots app was removed from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in 2020.

In June 2021, Kundra had taken to the Mumbai sessions court and had applied for an anticipatory bail in a similar plea. The complaint claimed that online platforms that Kundra was associated to were sharing obscene content.