In a horrific incident reported from Rajasthan, a 16-year-old girl reportedly beheaded her 7-year-old niece with a sword in an occult ritual and claimed that she was possessed by a spirit. The incident was reported from Dungarpur district’s Jhinjhwafala village and occurred sometime around the wee hours of Monday.

According to reports, the incident happened when a statue of a certain deity was installed in the residence of the victim and abused. The two minor girls were involved in occult-like ceremony. As the deity was being worshipped, the minor accused started claiming that she will kill everyone as her actions would be under the influence of the deity.

She then picked up a sword and started to attack people around her. The accused minor ended up injuring her father and her uncle, who tried to overpower and control her mania. She then barged into the room of the victim who was sleeping alone.

Dragging the victim into another room, the accused minor beheaded her with a sword. The statue of the deity was installed to celebrate “dashamata vrat” which is observed every year between “amavasya” and “teej”.

Earlier in June, a 4-year-old girl was forced to battle for her life in Nellore, after her father stuffed her mouth with “haldi” and “sindoor” during an occult ritual.

The Facts of the Matter

Centuries ago, when a person committed a heinous crime in a mentally distorted state, people often pushed the instance under the rug, and claimed that the actions were committed in the guise of a ritual. Due to lack of awareness regarding mental health, people leaned towards superstition more than critical-reasoning.

It’s 2022, the medical world has progressed leaps and bounds, and yet crimes continue getting committed under the guise of superstition. A similar instance was reported from Rajasthan, where a 16-year-old girl beheaded her own 7-year-old niece during an occult ritual.

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Deity’s Statue was Being Installed

The incident was reported from Dungarpur’s Jhinjhwafala village. According to reports, the 16-year-old minor accused was at the residence along with the victim when a statue of a deity was being installed. As the deity’s statue was being installed, the accused minor started losing herself to hysteria.

Accused Minor Injures Father, Uncle

She started behaving abnormally, and said that she would kill everyone around her. Picking up a sword, the girl started attacking the family members. The girl’s uncle and father got injured as they tried to overpower and subdue her.

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Beheading Niece

Fearing their own life, the family backed off. This was when the accused minor picked the sword, and barged into the room of the 7-year-old victim who was sleeping peacefully. She dragged the minor by her hair to another place, and beheaded her with a sword.

Girl Detained

Govind Singh, Chitri station-in-charge, the police was alerted after the incident. The officials later found the body of the girl outside the home. A complaint was filed in the matter, and the minor girl was detained.

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Had been behaving strangely: Family

According to a Times Now report, the accused is a class 10 student who lives at hostel. A few days before the incident, she had come to her home. The family of the accused claimed that they observed a sudden change in her behaviour. They also observed that she had not eaten anything for two days before the ritual was being observed.


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