In Rajasthan, bluetooth chappals, each worth Rs 6 lakhs were sold to REET students to cheat. According to a report, as many as 25 pair of slippers were sold to cheaters.

The Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers attract applicants who want to be appointed as teacher in the state’s government schools. However, irony struck the state when an exam which selects future teachers itself was engulfed in a cheating scam.

As many as 5 people have been reported being arrested in the matter so far.


Since time immemorial, exams and incidents of cheating have been intertwined.  This is especially true for India where student’s go to lengths to cheat and finally apply to an oversubscribed college. Parental and societal pressure is also a reason for rampant cheating among students in India.

Just to give a context, after multiple cheating scandals in Uttar Pradesh in the past decade, the state took drastic measures to curb the ‘cheating mafia’. The result was that around 6.6 million students skipped the exams in 2018.

Recently, some REET examination applicants took the route of technology to cheat and make it through the exam. Here are the facts of the matter:

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The Facts of the Matter

In an ironic turn-of-events, persons applying to an exam for becoming teachers were arrested for cheating. The students this time took a more ‘innovative’ approach in cheating and were found guilty of carrying ‘bluetooth chappals’.

Further, a high-tech remote was also seized which were given both to male and female applicants. The remote was supposed to be tied to an applicant in a specific way. The remote was also sold to the applicant at a steep price of Rs. 6 lakhs.

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How Were the Students Cheating with ‘Bluetooth Chappals’?

The ‘Bluetooth chappals’ which were sold for more than Rs. 2 lakh a piece had a phone inside it and a bluetooth connection. The applicants who wore the slippers had a small skin-color earpiece inside their ear. A person away from the center would help them with the answers.

How the First Cheater was Caught in Ajmer, Cheating Mafia Unveiled

The Rajasthan police was first able to arrest a cheater in Ajmer. After this, the entire cheating mafia spread across the state was unveiled. Soon, students from Bikaner and Sikar were also found wearing similar bluetooth slippers.

Ajmer police officer Jagdish Chandra was quoted by an NDTV report saying, “We found one man with devices in his slippers to help him cheat. We caught him at the beginning of the exam. We are finding out where all he has links and who all are involved.”

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SMS & Internet Shut Down to Prevent Students from Cheating

The police officer also added that after nabbing the first cheater, they immediately sent the word to other districts in the state. After the word was out, the officials clamped down the mobile internet services and SMS services in districts for 12 hours so that the students could not cheat in the exam.

Although the entire magnitude of the scandal is still unknown, reports are claiming that the slippers were manufactured carefully and maybe are part of a small-scale industry. Some reports are also claiming that the slippers were sold for a steep price of Rs. 2 lakhs.

Gang Leader Ran Coaching in Bikaner, Used to Extort Money

Reportedly, the mastermind behind the gang of cheaters runs a coaching in Bikaner. The coaching class owner used to extort excessive amount of money from students in the pretext of getting them papers before the exams or helping the cheat during exams.

A couple of days before the exam, the coaching class owner used to call the students to a secret spot and used to give information on how to use the cheating devices.