In Rajasthan, a female bank manager armed with pliers confronted an armed criminal and foiled an otherwise simple robbery plan. Video of the incident shows the bank official confronting the accused, who tries to threaten her with a sharp object in his hands. The female officer doesn’t get threatened, and pulls out a pair of pliers in a bid to defend herself if situation goes awry.

The foiled robbery attempt was reported from the Marudhara Gramin Bank located in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar. Shocking video of the incident shows the bank manager Poonam Gupta bravely confronting the armed robber who covered his face with cloth.

When the accused tries to attack her, she backs off a bit and then picks up a pair of pliers to defend herself. Gupta exhibited presence of mind in the sweat-inducing situation by picking up the pliers that had fallen from the accused’s pocket.

The two indulge in a stand up for a brief period of time. Meanwhile, other employees of the bank take advantage of the situation and try to catch the distracted robber. However, the robber flees the scene.

At the time of the robbery attempt, the bank had Rs 30 lakhs in cash. The accused was later arrested and told police that he was part of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, a criminal group which was behind the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala.

The Facts of the Matter

Banks across the world continue be the target for both petty first-time accused and hardened history-sheeters. During a robbery, bank employees are the first and last line of defence between the criminals and people’s money.

In such situations, many bank officials simply choose to succumbed to the threat of a gun pointed at them. However, in one incident of absolute bravery, a female bank manager in Rajasthan managed to foil the robbery plan of a miscreant.

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Female Manager Foils Robbery Attempt

The incident was reported from Marudhara Gramin Bank located in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar and the robbery was attempted earlier on Saturday. In the end, bank manager Poonam Gupta saved the bank from being robbed.

Poonam’s actions were caught on CCTV, visuals of which, are making round on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video shows a robber, with his face covered in a cloth mask, entering the branch of the Rajasthan-based bank. The man drops a bag at the entrance of the bank, and gets in with a knife in his hand. The robber then follows a staff member and threatens him. He then asks another employee to put cash in a bag, and enters the office of the manager.

This is when things escalate as an employee makes a futile attempt to snatch the accused’s knife away from him. Meanwhile, the female bank manager confronts the accused man, and stands her ground. Although the accused points his knife, the manager is not deterred.

The manager soon picks up a pair of pliers that fall from the accused’s pocket. She pushes further and makes the accused back off. This encourages other bank employees, who join the cause and try to nab the accused, who still somehow manages to flee.

Watch the Video here:

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Accused Part of Lawrence Bishnoi Gang

Following the incident, Meera Chowk police station in-charge Ram Vilas Bishnoi arrived at the scene and the accused was nabbed. During interrogation, the accused, identified as Lavish Arora, told that he is part of the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang.

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