Dubbed as the real life ‘Kumbhakarna’, a Rajasthan man is making all the buzz for sleeping 300 days a year. While some who may not get enough sleep can get envious of him, and others may consider him lucky, we must tell our readers that the man is in fact forced to sleep for such a long time due to an illness. The news is coming straight from Rajasthan’s Nagaur district’s Bhadwa village.


Which Indian wouldn’t be versed to the legend and lore of Kumbhakarna – the brother of Raavana, most ardent follower of Shiva, abductor of Sita and the primary antagonist of Ram in Ramayana.

For the uninitiated, Kumbhakaran was endowed with a massive frame and lust for blood. However, due to a boon, Kumbhakaran was forced to sleep for six months-, take a break of one day to fill his belly, and sleep for the next six months.

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Meet Purkharam, the real-life ‘Kumbhakarna’


Meet Purkharam-A man who sleeps 300 Days | Image Credit: Twitter

The legend of Kumbhakaran is such that any person who may sleep longer than usual is called by that name as a light-hearted mockery. But a man from Rajasthan, Purkharam, has even come close to breaking the record of the legendary Ramayana character. While the man doesn’t sleep for all days of a year except one – he does sleep for 300 days out of 365.

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Axis Hypersomnia – the cause of Purkharam’s Excessive Sleeping

Purkharam suffers from a rare disease called Axis Hypersomnia. According to reports, the family members claim that once he Purkharam goes to sleep, they don’t wake him up for the next 20-25 days. When the disease showed its ugly face, Purkharam used to sleep for 5-7 days in a stretch – however, after 23 years of the disease being identified, he now sleeps for 20-25 days.

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Can Sleep for a Stretch of 20-25 Days

In an interview to Zee News, Purkharam shared that he slept for longer hours since 2015. It reached to a point that he could sleep for 20-25 days. He told the news agency how newspapers made its way to the shop he owned every day. When he used to open the shop after 20-25 days, he used to count the number of newspapers there. If for instance there used to be 22 newspapers, he would consider that he slept for 25 days.

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Family Helps in Daily Essential Chores

With such a troubling disorder, Purkharam still holds a spiritual outlook. In an interview, he claimed that if God gives you such problems in life, you have to bear them. Meanwhile, due to his disorder, he has negligible to nil productivity. According to reports, he is fed by his family members while he’s sleeping and his family even takes him to the toilet and make him sit there as he sleeps. His family knows when he needs to go to the bathroom as he becomes extremely restless in his sleep.

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Still Feel Fatigued

In his interview, Purkharam shared that despite the treatment and being able to sleep as much as he wants, he still feels tired and fatigued. Due to this his productivity is hampered and he is forced to run his small grocery store called Ranabai, where also he sometimes falls asleep.

Meanwhile, his wife, Lichmi Devi and his mother hope that he recovers soon and is able to live a life of normalcy.