In a shocking incident reported from Rajasthan, an occultist asked a couple to get intimate in front of him, and then killed the couple by pouring super glue on them. The bizarre incident was reported from Udaipur and the horrific murder took place sometime around November 15, and the bodies of the deceased were discovered earlier on November 18.

The deceased in the matter have been identified as 30-year-old Rahul Meena and 28-year-old Sonu Kunwar. Meanwhile, the accused has been identified as 55-year-old Bhalesh Kumar. According to reports, Rahul and Sonu were married to separate people, and were having an extramarital affair. Rahul’s wife, who was frustrated over frequent fights with her husband, asked the tantrik to help her.

The accused tantrik got close to the deceased Sonu, and found out about the extra marital affair, and informed the same to Rahul’s wife. Sonu and Rahul started threatening the accused of defaming them, and the accused started fearing loss of reputation.

Earlier on November 15, the accused asked the couple to meet him at a nearby forest area. The accused had brought with him 50 tubes of glue and was planning to pour it on them when they were in the act.

However, the plan didn’t work out, and the accused slit the deceased’s throat and stabbed them to death.

The Facts of the Matter

The ongoing investigation of the Shradha Walker murder case sheds light on the fact that there is no dearth of strange ways to murder someone. In another such incident reported from Rajasthan, a Udaipur-based occultist (tantrik) asked a couple he wanted to kill to get intimate in front of him. Later, when the couple were in the act, he poured superglue on them, in the hopes that the world will get to know about their truth.

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Bodies Discovered, Investigation Kicks Off

The deceased in the matter were married to different persons, and had been having an extramarital affair with each other. They were identified as Rahul Meena and Sonu Kunwar. Meanwhile, the accused has been identified as Bhalesh Kumar.

According to reports, the cops found the bodies of the deceased earlier on November 18, and had initiated an investigation. Based on CCTV footage and other inputs, they were able to nab the accused, who confessed to the crime.

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Deceased were Having Extramarital Affair

As per reports, the deceased man Rahul got into an extramarital affair with Sonu, and also had frequent fights with his wife. Frustrated with the fights, his wife sought the help of the accused tantrik, who she had known for years as she used to visit the Ichcha poorna Sheshnaag Bhavji Mandir in Bhadavi Gudah.

The accused tantrik became close to Sonu, and found out about the extramarital affair. The tantrik told Rahul’s wife about everything, and later, both Rahul and Sonu started threatening him. Fearing further consequences, the deceased threatened the tantrik of false molestation charge against him.

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The Plan & The Execution

To get the truth out, the tantrik asked Sonu and Rahul to meet him at a forest area near Udaipur, and asked them to get intimate with him.

When the couple were in the act, he poured a bottle of superglue all over them. His aim was to simply kill them while they were in the act, and have their bodies be discovered in objectionable position.

Possible Love Triangle Angle?

However, in their desperate attempts to pull away from each other, their skin started to peel off. This was when the accused slit Rahul’s throat and stabbed Sonu. The police are also investigating a love-triangle like situation being the crime motive.


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