A bride residing in Rajasthan has reportedly set a lovely, enlightening example by proposing that the money put aside for her dowry be utilized to build a hostel for girls.

Anjali, the Girl Behind this Selfless Deed

Anjali Kanwar, an inhabitant of the city of Barmer, opted to ask her father to assist in the construction of a girls’ hostel rather than pay a large sum of money as dowry. Anjali, who wedded Praveen Singh on November 21, allegedly met with her father, Kishore Singh Kanod, well before the wedding and requested him to invest the amount of Rs 75 lakh that was supposed to be given as dowry on constructing a girls’ dormitory instead. Kishore Singh Kanod decided to undertake this altruistic act and contributed the amount as his daughter requested, according to an article published in Dainik Bhaskar.

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People’s Reaction Towards this Inspirational Step

Anjali’s gesture was lauded on social networking sites, and the news was extensively disseminated online, with several complimenting the lady for her unselfish deed of assisting in the construction of such a much-needed infrastructure for women. Tribhuwan Singh Rathore, the Rawat of Barmer, also tweeted the news.

Following her marriage, Anjali allegedly contacted Mahant Pratap Puri, the present head of Taratara math, and told him of her choice in a letter, in which he also applauded the lady for her innovative ideas for learning for women saying that putting aside some money for the collective good and addressing girls’ education during Kanyadaan was truly an inspiring deed. The message was read aloud to all of the invited guests, who were pleased with the choice. Anjali’s father handed her a blank check and told her to put up any amount she desired.

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More Information

According to sources, Anjali’s father, Kishore Singh Kanod, had previously announced Rs 1 crore to assist build a girls’ dormitory in the region on NH68. However, Rs 50 to Rs 75 lakh was required to complete the job, so Anjali dropped in and demanded that her dowry amount be utilized instead.

Anjali while on a chat with Dainik Bhaskar said that her family encouraged her studies regardless of what society said. She was, nonetheless, worried about the education of other females. She resolved during her studies that she’ll never accept dowry money for her marriage. Instead, she considered doing something with her dowry money to support the education of girls.

News like this often fails to catch our attention. In March, a 24-year-old Muslim bride from West Bengal’s Murshidabad requested books from the groom’s family as Mehr.’ The groom’s family not just agreed to the bride’s request, but also provided extra books in addition to her request.