Rajwinder Singh, an Indian-male nurse who was absconding with a $1 million bounty on his head for the murder of an Australian woman, was recently arrested in the national capital by the Delhi police. 38-year-old Rajwinder Singh was accused of killing a woman in Australia’s Queensland back in 2018. For four years, Rajwinder was able to evade the police and a manhunt against him intensified by the day.

Earlier on Friday, the Delhi police arrested Rajwinder, and the development was confirmed by the Queensland Police earlier in the morning. “We can confirm a man has been arrested in India today following a significant investigation into the tragic death of Toyah Cordingley in Far North Queensland in 2018,” a tweet by the Queensland police read.

“This again demonstrates the importance of partnerships across Australian policing jurisdictions and internationally,” another tweet by the Queensland police read.

According to reports, Rajwinder Singh fled to India after murdering Toyah Cordingley and became the primary suspect in the matter. Toyah was murdered earlier in 2018 when she was out to take her dog for a walk.

As per the official records, Rajwinder departed from Sydney to India a day after the murder. He also left his wife, and three children in Australia.

The Facts of the Matter

On Friday, the Delhi Police arrested Rajwinder Singh, a 38-year-old Indian-origin man, who reportedly killed an Australian woman back in 2018. The arrest of Rajwinder comes after he evaded the authorities for over four years, fleeing back to India. Such was the desperation of the Australian police, that they put a $1 million bounty on Rajwinder’s head for his arrest.

Toyah Cordingley

Toyah Cordingley

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Accused Left Behind Family & Job

The incident dates back to October 21, 2018, when Rajwinder killed Australian woman identified as Toyah Cordingley. Toyah was reportedly walking her dog on a beach in Queensland when Rajwinder attacked and murdered her. A day after the murder, he left to India, leaving behind his job, three children and his wife. Since then, Rajwinder became the prime suspect in the matter.

$1 Million Bounty Announced

Earlier this month, the Queensland Police announced $1 million (AUD) (USD 6,33,000) bounty for any information, leads or inputs on Rajwinder Singh. Rajwinder hails from Amritsar, Punjab. The case received much-needed media attention, as it was the largest bounty to have ever been offered by the Queensland Police.

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The Arrest

On Friday morning, the Queensland Police confirmed the arrest of Rajwinder Singh for the murder of an Australian citizen. “We can confirm a man has been arrested in India today following a significant investigation into the tragic death of Toyah Cordingley in Far North Queensland in 2018,” Queensland Police tweeted.

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“Four years of uncertainty”

Following the arrest, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commander Transnational Operations Richard Chin told media that the investigators in the case worked with both state and international authorities to make sure Rajwinder was apprehended and face extradition back to Australia, where he committed the heinous crime.

“We hope that today’s arrest brings some closure to the victim’s family following an agonising four years of uncertainty. The AFP acknowledges the close relationship with Indian Law Enforcement and QPS which have allowed us to work effectively and achieve this significant outcome,” he said.


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