Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor was recently slammed by netizens over his comments on his pregnant wife Alia Bhatt’s weight gain. The ‘Shamshera’ actor recently said that Alia has “phaeloed” on a live interview with Bhatt looking at her newly weeded husband in disbelief. The actor’s comments came when Alia and Ranbir took part in a ‘Bhramhastra’ promotional livestream on YouTube.

It so happened that Ranbir was sharing his perspective around the upcoming Ayan Mukherjee film and its promotion. Alia Bhatt was the first one to use the word “phaeloed” as she said, “If the question you are asking is why we are not phaeloed (spread) everywhere, right now our focus is…”.

Before she could complete her statement, Ranbir looked at Alia’s baby bump and said, “I can see somebody has phaeloed (spread)”. Left stunned and embarrassed, Alia too sees her baby bump and then looks at Ranbir pointedly.

Ranbir then went into damage control mode. Patting her pregnant wife’s shoulder, Ranbir then said, “Joke… in a cute way.”

Ranbir’s shocking comments on her pregnant wife’s weight gain left not only Alia surprised, but Bollywood fans over internet. A Reddit post, which has since garnered 244 comments, shared the video with a title that read – “Ranbir Creepor: “Somebody has pheloed”. He is really good with words, a gentleman.”

The Facts of the Matter

As Ranbir Kapoor tied the knot with longtime partner Alia Bhatt earlier in April, fans swooned and rejoiced over the couple. Come June, the couple again stunned the netizens by a bombshell announcement of being pregnant. The couple got some positive press around the developments.

However, netizens on social media have now joined forces against Ranbir Kapoor over his offensive comments against his wife’s post-pregnancy weight gain.

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Ranbir-Alia Promote Brahmastra

Both Ranbir and Alia were seen in a YouTube livestream, promoting their upcoming fantasy drama Brahmastra. During the livestream, Ranbir was seen pointing at his wife’s belly, and further going for an offensive remark on her weight gain. Netizens on social media were quick to react and questioned the actor’s remarks, and calling out his ‘sense of humour’.

Alia Starts Speaking, Ranbir Interjects

In a video which has now gone viral on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media platforms, Ranbir can be seen interrupting Alia, and commenting on her weight gain. Talking about the film’s promotional activities, Alia Bhatt was the first to use the word ‘phaeloed’.

“If you are asking why we are not phailoed (spreading) everywhere… right now our focus is…”. This is when Ranbir interrupts and looks at Alia’s belly saying, “Well, I can see somebody has phailoed.”

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Ranbir Leaves Alia Bhatt Shocked & Embarrassed

Part-shocked and part-embarrassed, Alia can be seen looking at her belly and at Ranbir. This is when Ranbir can be seen trying to cover up his offensive remark. He pats Alia’s back and says “Joke… in a cute way”.

Netizens Call Out Ranbir Kapoor

Netizens on social media were quick to call out Ranbir’s comment. aargh, “Alia, next time he says something like this, pull his wig off on live itself,” a Reddit user commented. “Making fun of your pregnant wife’s weight in public is so hurtful. He is seriously such a man child,” another Reddit user chimed in.

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How Ranbir Kapoor was Called Out for Mansplaining

Earlier in 2017, Ranbir Kapoor had to apologize for mansplaining. For the unversed, mansplaining is when a man comments or explains something to a woman, often in a patronizing or over confident manner.

“I have mansplained Katrina. That was not my intention. I think next time I’m going to avoid doing that. I am trying to be good. After that… umm… that horrendous… experience, it dawned upon me that I should not be doing it, it’s completely wrong. And I accept all my wrongdoings in every sphere of my life… in every sphere of interviews I have ever done and I shall never do it,” he was quoted in a Vagabomb report.


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