Raped on multiple occasions by two men when she was aged 12 years and about 27 years ago, the victim, who had become a mother, has now filed a case against the accused on court orders after her son asked about his father’s name.

The incident records back to 27 years ago, when the victim was living in the city with her sister and brother-in-law. One Naki Hasan of her locality entered the house while she was alone and allegedly raped her. This information is based upon the reports of PTI where the Superintendent of Police Sanjay Kumar shared the same with PTI on Saturday.

Citing the police report filed on the basis of the woman’s complaint, Officer Kumar said after the accused raped the victim, his younger brother Guddu also raped her. The victim has reported that she was raped by both the brothers, who are accused in the case, on multiple occasions. He further added that the victim was of 12 years of age when the incident happened.

As per the complainant, she conceived her baby at the age of 13 and gave birth to a baby boy in the year 1994. The infant was given up to a person belonging to the victim’s native village Udhampur, which is located within the Shahabad police station limits, while she moved to Rampur as his brother-in-law was transferred there.

The SP said the victim’s brother-in-law got her married to a man in the Ghazipur district, but after a time period of 10 years, when her husband got to know about the incident wherein, she was raped, he divorced her and she returned to Udhampur.

During this period, the boy, who is the biological son of the victim, had grown up by now started asking about his biological mother and father. He was eventually informed about his mother’s name.

The boy then met the victim and got to know about the incident, the SP said, adding that on Friday evening, a case of gangrape was filed against the two accused at the Sadar Bazar police station on the basis of the victim’s complaint.

Officer Kumar informed that the police are investigating the case and the DNA test of the boy would be conducted. The woman approached the court after the police refused to file her complaint.