The RAS Results were announced this Tuesday and 3 Sisters from Hanumangarh cracked the admin services exam at the same time and made their family proud and distinguished themselves. The 3 sisters are based in Bhairusari and interestingly enough, these 3 sisters had 2 other sisters that had already cleared the same exam a few years ago and are already serving in the state service.


In a heartwarming development, a trio of sisters made their family proud by cracking the challenging Rajasthan Administrative Services examination which is held by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).

While on one hand, instances of female foeticide, early marriages and crimes against women are rampant in the nation, developments like these inject the much-needed fuel of inspiration in the minds of girls and women who want to get educated and make somethings of themselves.

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Meet Reetu, Anshu & Suman – The True R.A.S.

Meet Anshu, Reetu and Suman, three sisters from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan that together made history by cracking the state’s Administrative Examination. Now Anshu, Reetu and Suman will be joining their other two sisters who are already officers serving in the Rajasthan state services.

By clearing the examination, the sisters achieved feat that most families are not even imaginative enough to aspire – 5 members of the same family being officers. They are now Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS) officers.

Given how Reetu, Anshu and Suman already make RAS – they were destined to be in the RAS.

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IFS Officer Breaks News

The news broke when an IFS Officer by the name of Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter to congratulate the sisters. Along with his heartfelt congratulatory message, Kaswan also shared a picture of the trio.

In his tweet, Kaswan wrote, “Such a good news. Anshu, Reetu and Suman are three sisters from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. Today all three got selected in RAS together. Making father & family proud. They are five sisters. Other two Roma and Manju were already RAS. All five daughters of farmer Shri Sahdev Saharan are now RAS officers.”

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The IFS officer in another tweet from the same thread shared that Anshu, Reetu and Suman are among 5 sisters. The other two sisters are Roma and Manju, both already working for RAS.

“They are five sisters. Other two Roma and Manju were already RAS. All five daughters of farmer Shri Sahdev Saharan are now RAS officers,” Parveen wrote in his tweet.

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Sister Trio Clears the Exam after 2nd Attempt

Ritu, Anshu and Suman have achieved their success in their second attempt at the exam. Anshu obtained 31st rank, Ritu obtained 96th rank and Suman secured 98th rank. Meanwhile Manju, the eldest sister of them all, has been working in the cooperative department since 2012 and Roma, is working as BDO in Surajgarh, Jhunjhunu.

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Went to school till 5th class, did graduation, NET, JRF and PhD from home

After the results were announced, the trio of the sisters were interviewed by local newspapers. Reportedly, the three sisters only studied in school till 5th standard. As there were no school in village beyond 5th standard, and as the sisters’ father didn’t have enough money to send them to a bigger school, they received formal education only till 5th.

From 6th standard to 12th, then graduation, NET, JRF and then the subsequent PhD, the sisters achieved all that by receiving private education and studying amongst themselves.