Cops in Mathura recently made bizarre claims in court, saying that rats ate 581 kg of marijuana worth Rs 60 lakhs. The shocking claim came in a report submitted by the Mathura police to the special NDPS court. The marijuana in question, which was allegedly eaten by the rats, was confiscated and stored in special warehouses located in Shergarh and Highway police stations.

The report was submitted after the court had asked Mathura police to produce the marijuana recovered in a case registered under the special NDPS Act. After the police made the bizarre claims in its report, the additional district judge issued an order to the Mathura SSP, asking him to “get rid” of the rat issue and deliver proof that the rats actually consumed the Rs 60 lakhs worth 581 kg marijuana.

A similar claim was made back in 2021, when cops in Etah district, UP, claimed that rats consumed as many as 1,400 cartons of liquor worth over Rs 35 lakhs.

The development comes after a Karnataka-based police station had to deploy cats to curb the increasing rat menace at the station. The rats reportedly cause harm to several important files and documents stored in the station, which prompted the cops to deploy cats to curb the menace.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all heard the classic “dog ate my homework” excuse students tend to give when left with no other reasoning. However, have you heard of “rat ate our marijuana” excuse? While the jury is still out as to whether the claim is an excuse or a genuine reason, the Mathura cops are now garnering attention for their bizarre claim after a court asked them to produce the marijuana they had seized.

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Over 500 kg Marijuana Seized

To understand when and how the claim was made, it should be first noted that the Shergarh and Highway police station had seized as much as 386 and 195 kg of marijuana in two different cases. In May 2020, three men were arrested smuggling marijuana in a truck and 386 kg of drugs were found hidden in the millet bags. In another case, 195 kg of marijuana was seized by the cops.

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Mathura Police Claims “Rats Ate Weed”

Later, the NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act) Court asked the cops to produce the recovered and seized marijuana. However, the Shergarh SHO told the court that the “rats ate the weed”, which was stored in warehouse, sealed in packets.

In a submitted report, the Mathura police also reaffirmed the claims, and mentioned that 581 kg of marijuana, which is worth Rs 60 lakhs, was eaten by the rats.

Court Asks for Proof

After hearing the claim, the additional district judge asked SSP Mathura, Abhishek Yadav, to deliver proof that the rats actually consumed as much as 581 kg of marijuana. He further asked the SSP to curb the “mice menace”, TOI reported.

Meanwhile, the Mathura police, issued a clarification in the court, and said, “Being small in size, rats have no fear of the police. SHOs cannot be experts in solving every problem.”

It should be noted that time and time again, police in various states have pointed fingers on rats for consuming confiscated illegal substances.

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2017 – Bihar Police Claims 9 Lakhs Liters of Alcohol Consumed by Rats

In 2017, the Bihar police made the audacious claim that rats ended up consuming 9 lakhs of missing alcohol. It should be noted that Bihar continues to fight hard against people flouting the state-enforced prohibition laws.

2018 – Bihar Police Claims Rats Drink 11,000 Bottles of Liquor

The Bihar police in 2018 was again in news for similar claim, alleging rats drank liquor from 11,000 confiscated bottles.

2021 – Etah Police Claims Rats Drank 1,400 Cartons of Liquor

In 2021, Uttar Pradesh’s Etah police received flak after claiming that rats ended up consuming alcohol stored in 1,400 cartons worth Rs 35 lakhs.


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