In a rave party bust, an Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and several artists associated to Bollywood were arrested in Nashik by the Maharashtra police. The police arrested 10 men, 12 women and further seized drugs, a camera, a tripod from the spot. After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput last year, where narcotics played a major part, the Maharashtra police have been tightening its noose around people who have been distributing and consuming drugs.


On June 27, the Nashik Police arrested as many as 22 people who were having a rave party in adjoining villas – Sky Taj Villa and Sky Lagoon Villa – in Igatpuri area in Nashik. The police seized drugs that were being consumed at the party and further, seized a camera and a tripod from the spot. According to reports, the police officials received a tip about the party.

According to Press Trust of India, Sachin Patil, the Superintendent of Police, Nashik Rural, received a tip. Acting on the tip, the police went to the party and learnt that a birthday party was being held for a Mumbai based resident, Piyush Sethia. On reaching the location, the police arrested as many as 22 people – 10 men and 12 women.

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Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant, Nigerian-Iranian Women and more arrested

While the information regarding the arrested people is still undisclosed, the police said that the arrested individuals comprise of those who have some connection with the Bollywood entertainment industry. Apparently, reports are claiming that an ex-contestant from reality show Bigg Boss is also among the arrested.

Meanwhile, off the 12 women that were arrested, 3 are tied to the South Indian film industry. Further, police also said that among the arrested individuals, there was also an Iranian and a Nigerian woman. While the woman of Iranian decent was arrested in the raid, the Nigerian woman, who had a connection with the case, was picked up in Mumbai by the special team.

“A woman of Iranian descent was arrested during the raid and a special team was sent to Mumbai, where a Nigerian national was picked up in connection with the case,”

-added SP Patil.

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Medical Tests being conducted: SP, Nashik (Rural)

The police said that the arrested individuals reached the desolate spot, approximately 120 KM away from Mumbai, by their high-end cars.

Spilling more beans on the case, Superintendent of Police, Sachin Patil said that the birthday party was being held in two adjoining bungalows in Nashik’s Igatpuri. Patil added that medical tests are being conducted on the arrested individuals to gather more information.

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Hookah, Tripod, Camera, Drugs seized; Drug Peddler also arrested

While more information is still awaited, it is reported that the police seized hookah, tripod, camera, drugs and two other objects from the party. Further, the police have also gone on to arrest the drug supplier who made the drugs available for the party. SP Patil said that a detailed investigation will be conducted to ascertain who organized the party. As pert the reports, the arrested individuals are slapped with a case under the NDPSA (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Acts).

Earlier in May, the police had also arrested the son of popular actor Dalip Tahil, Dhruv Tahil, for buying drugs. The son of the popular actor was arrested by the Bandra arm of the Anti-Narcotic’s Cell. In April, television and film actor Ajaz Khan was also arrested in a similar case.

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Update: Bigg Boss Marathi contestant Heena Panchal among arrested

A day after 22 individuals were arrested at the Nashik rave party, new updates have emerged. While it was already known that a Bigg Boss contestant was arrested, it remained mystery as to who that person was. On June 28, it was revealed that it was actress Heena Panchal, who was part of the Bigg Boss Marathi, that was involved in the rave party.

The SP, Nashik Rural also added that blood samples of all the accused, including Heena, have been taken to forensics and results are awaited. Further, he also added that there were no other ‘big stars’ at the party and those arrested were smaller artists.