CDS Bipin Rawat broke silence on the current Afghanistan crisis and said that India will be “ready to deal with terrorism if it flows out of Afghanistan. Moreover, he also said that he will be welcoming any and all intelligence inputs regarding the matter to further strengthen the nation’s preparedness. The CDS’ insight came when he was speaking in an event earlier today.


Amid heart wrenching updates coming every few hours on the pain and horror being inflicted on Afghanistan citizens by the Taliban militants, Indian armed forces top executive spoke on the biggest “what if” question.

The Biggest ‘What If’ Question

CDS Rawat finally answered the ‘What If” question of – ‘What if the terrorism in Afghanistan spills and makes it to India?’

Mr. Bipin’s words came during a public speech where he gave certain insights on Indian armed forces’ current stance in the Afghanistan crisis.

“Any Activity Likely to Flow Out of Afghanistan…”: CDS Rawat

On August 25, news agency ANI quoted CDS Rawat, who was speaking at an Observer Research Foundation event, saying, “As far as Afghanistan is concerned, we’ll make sure that any activity likely to flow out of Afghanistan and find its way into India will be dealt with in the manner in which we’re dealing with terrorism in our country.”

He further said, “We were concerned about how terrorist activity from #Afghanistan could overflow into India & so to that extent our contingency planning had been ongoing & we’re prepared for that.”

India Was Surprised at Taliban’s Swift Gains

Much like most countries that were keeping an eye on the Taliban’s rapid gains in Afghanistan, CDS Rawat said that India too was anticipating the complete control. However, he added that the pace, with which the Islamic militant organization did so, was surprising.

“Timeline has surprised us because we were anticipating this happening maybe a couple of months down the line. But it’s pretty much the same – same Taliban that was there 20 yrs ago,” CDS Rawat said, as quoted by ANI.

“Indo-Pacific Situation & Afghan Crisis Not the Same”: CDS Rawat Assures

While the current Afghanistan crisis is gaining all the attention by the media and the geopolitical experts, there are other challenges that surround the nation as well. The continuous escalation by China has been an effort to antagonize the India and the Indo-China talks have all ended in the dead lock.

CDS Rawat also spoke briefly about the same and said, “I think the Indo-Pacific & the Afghan situation shouldn’t be looked at from the same prism.”

He further labelled the Indo-Pacific threats as two parallel lines which “are unlikely to meet”. However, he gave a comforting assurance by stating that the nation’s defence forces are constantly evolving by studying strategies and developing capabilities according to the situations.

“We’re evolving our strategies accordingly. Studying this intent of our neighbours, we’ve gone in for a Triad. We’re evolving and developing our capabilities accordingly…Conventionally we’re very strong, we’re capable of dealing with adversaries with our conventional forces,” CDS Rawat said.

In Other News – All 78 Indian Evacuees from Kabul Test COVID-19 Negative

Meanwhile, another concerning reports had emerged which said that some evacuees from Kabul, Afghanistan have tested positive for COVID-19. However, quashing all such rumours, the ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) claimed that the entire batch of 78 evacuees – which involved all men, women and children – have tested negative for the virus.

A Hindustan Times report quoted the official ITBP statement which read, “78 evacuees were shifted to ITBP’s Chhawla-based camp till Tuesday late night. Of total evacuees, 24 are Indians and 54 Afghan nationals that include 53 males, 14 females and 11 children. All had gone through Covid-19 test at Indira Gandhi International Airport and were reported negative.”