Thanks to its immense popularity in no time, a real life ‘Squid Game’ without blood & tears is to be organized in Abu Dhabi. Fans of the show will get to be part of a real-life version of the popular Netflix show without worrying that someone will shoot them if they end up losing.

For the unversed, Squid Game is a South Korean drama popularized after it was brought to international light on OTT platform Netflix. The uber-violent drama soon became the talk of the town much like another popular show ‘Money Heist’. The show was sampled by as many as 111 million Netflix subscribers in 25 days.


Hundreds of thousands of Indian teenagers grew on a comic diet of popular show called Takeshi’s castle. The show was popularized thanks to the hilarious background commentary by Javed Jaffery. The game-show was based hundreds of teenagers competing across physical tasks, and failing hilariously.

Recently, Squid Game also showed people taking part in competitive sport. But unlike Takeshi’s Castle, which ended on a funny not, Squid Game ended with a burst of gunfire and guts and blood spilling out of competitors.

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The Facts of the Matter

Popular South Korean drama Squid Game is turning into a reality. Before you close the page in panic, we must assure you, the real-world game will be played without any of the gory elements associated. The game will see participants dressed in similar outfits as the show, and will compete in the same game, without anyone shooting them if they lose.

What Do We Know about Real Life Squid Game?

According to reports, the game’s first edition will be held in Abu Dhabi. The rendition will take place at the Korean Cultural Center and is an attempt by the Korean authorities to give the fans a taste of the game.

The official website of the Korean Cultural Center in its website wrote – “To match up to the worldwide popularity of ‘Squid Game’, the Korean series on NETFLIX, Korean Cultural Center in the UAE has organized an event that you can also enjoy the games played in Squid Game.”

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15 Player Squad to Take Part, Invite-Only Event

Similar to the original games played in the show, a squad of 15 players will be taking part in a single session and will wear the same outfit as the show’s competitors. Further, the game will be an invite-only event and selected applicants who had earlier registered on the website, would be able to take part.

No Brutality to Be Featured on Eliminated Players

Assuring the prospective players that the real-world event will feature no brutality, the KCC’s website wrote, “The games seemed a bit brutal in the series to maximise the dramatic element, however, actually all the games in the series are popular games played by Korean children from the past to the present. KCC would like the people in the UAE to learn more about Korean culture by participating in the event.”

In the show, participants were shot dead if they lost in a particular game. The KCC’s memo on this aspect read, “Regardless of the tournament, the eliminated players can participate in and watch the game separately without returning home.”

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Games to Be Featured in Real World Squid Game

1) Green Light, Red Light

Unlike the show where a person was shot dead if their movement was detected during a race, the real life Squid Game in Dubai will feature sponge guns.

2) Glass Stepping Stones

Unlike the show where players had to crawl on glass plates laid over a significant height, the KCC will feature the stepping stones on the floor, to minimise any danger.

3) Dalgona Game

Contestants will compete in carving out a particular shape on a sugar candy. The catch? The carving has to be done on a brittle candy with the help of needle.

4) Marbles

“Two players will be paired to play a game with marbles, and those who exhaust all the beads will be eliminated. However, KCC will do even or odd game with the marbles,” said KCC.

5) Ttakji

The game was featured in the first episode where players compete in flipping the other competitor’s paper Ttakji.