Depleting resources & fossil fuel deposits along with the increasing pace of global warming and climate change pose a danger for human civilisation in many ways. Soon we may not have any fossil to source our industries. Further, we will still have a lot of pollution, global warming and climate crisis which are the results of the burnt up fossil fuels. 

This situation is an indication that the human race needs to switch to renewable sources of energy from conventional ones. And the good news is, switching to renewable energy resources will not only yield benefits in terms of global warming, climate change and resource management but will also reduce our medical bills to a greater extent. 

Research by MIT

A study has been conducted by the MIT Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy, in this regard. The study suggests that it would cost around $3.5 billion to set up the infrastructure which could run on renewable energy resources in US cities. This will help the governments to save around $4.7 billion by the year 2030 which is a 34% return on investment. This can be done by maintaining the current international standards. 

MIT team studied Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware in the US. These states are spread across the Midwest and Great Lakes region and have a much greater reliance on coal than any other region in the country.

“This research shows that renewables pay for themselves through health benefits alone,”

said Emil Dimanchev, lead author of the study.

How does it work?

solar energy and wind energy are forms of renewable sources of energy. The power generated by using these energies does not leave any residue behind unlike energy generated from fossil fuels. Thus, switching to these sources of energy will not only result in saving the depleting fossil fuel resources but will also improve the quality of air by reducing the quantity of particulate matter in the air.

Currently, the human race if facing problems of respiratory disorders, lung cancers and much more. These are all caused by the polluted air that we breathe. Thus, cleaning the air will help in reducing the rate of such diseases to a greater extent. Soon we will start to spend lesser on our medical bills.

One Step Further

The current plan is to switch the system by 13% only. However, if we start to use renewable energy by replacing 19.5% of current infrastructure, then $13.5 billion can be saved in terms of health benefits and this would only cost $5.8 billion thus generating an ROI of more than 200%.

Looking at the current conditions of the environment, it is best for the human civilisation to understand the need for moving towards renewable sources of energy. The study has shown the benefit of renewable energy in terms of economy as well as health. It would be wise for governments around the world to incorporate this in their policies and give rise to a better tomorrow for the planet and its civilisation.