Regional political party Shiv Sena from Maharashtra alleged that the Bhartiya Janta Party-led government provoked the already agitated farmers on Republic Day in order to discredit their movement against the three farm laws. The accusation came two days after the tractor day parade and the violence that ensued in the national capital.  

Shiv Sena through its mouthpiece newspaper Saamna attacked the Bhartiya Janta Party for the violence that broke out at Red Fort, ITO, and other parts of Delhi on January 26. In the article, Shiv Sena also mentioned how Deep Sindhu who was responsible for stirring the crowd, belongs to the “camp of Prime Minister Modi.” 

Here is an excerpt from the said article where Shiv Sena has blamed that BJP agitated the farmers and how Deep Sindhu is part of the BJP camp: 

 “Now, BJP has heavily come down on the agitating farmers. The programme to enter Delhi was a pre-planned program and the farmers’ movement has gone into the hands of the terrorists, according to BJP’s intelligence system. The crowd who stirred in the Red Fort was led by a young man named Deep Sidhu. It has been revealed that this Deep Sidhu belongs to the camp of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah. BJP’s Punjab MP Sunny Deol has a close relationship with Deep Sidhu. Farmer leaders like Rajesh Tikait say that Deep Sidhu had been talking about revolt and separatism for the last two months by entering the crowd of farmers.” 

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Further, Shiv Sena also said how Centra Government in the last 60 days have “have sat with folded hands” while the farmers have been protesting against the farm laws which are “opposed in the interest of country’s farmers”.  

“For the last 60 days, the farmers’ movement has been going on in a peaceful manner, demanding the repeal of three agricultural laws that are opposed in the interests of the country’s farmers. Despite this, there was no split in the farmer movement and the patience of the farmers was not broken. For this reason, the Central Government had to sit with folded hands. It was also said that the farmers’ movement is Khalistani. But still, the farmers remained calm.” Shiv Sena said in Saamna.  

Shiv Sena claims that the government desired to discredit the farmer’s movement and they did so by provoking them to a point that they had to resort to violence. “Desire of the government to discredit the movement by provoking the farmers to commit violence. If it had fulfilled its desire on January 26, then it has brought the country into disrepute,” the party said.  

In their official stand put down in Saamna, the party also asserted that the responsibility of violence should not be put entirely on farmers. Shiv Sent wrote how “it is not right to put the responsibility of violence on farmers only. The government has done what it wanted. Its victims are farmers, policemen, and young men who shed their blood.” 

The Party also expressed how the entire nation stands with Punjab and with the farmers from Punjab in their fight against the three farm laws. Shiv Sena wrote, “The farmers involved in the movement are from Punjab and they do not have the support of the whole country, this claim of the government is wrong. The whole country stands with Punjab.” 

Shiv Sena also alleged that the three new agricultural laws are not laid out in the nation’s best interest and they are in no way the present and future of the country. Further, the party also said that “Somebody has an interest in it. That is why the oppression of farmers is going on. It is not in the national interest.”