A recently gone viral video of Neeraj Chopra touching the feet of an elderly Indian fan is making rounds of social media and winning hearts of netizens. To say Neeraj Chopra is in rich vein of form will be an understatement.

After winning a gold medal at the Kuortane Games, and finishing ahead of the World Champion, Chopra recently broke his own record at the Stockholm Diamond League. However, his form and his talent hasn’t put a dent in his humility. The recent video of Chopra whole-heartedly meeting fans proves the same.

In the video gone viral, Chopra was seen giving fans around him his fair share of time as they clicked pictures with him and interacted with him. Chopra was seen shaking hands with each fan and making sure that he isn’t leaving anyone who maybe waiting for him.

His humble attitude was on display when he saw an elderly fan and went ahead to touch his feet, before he went back to his car.

The short 24-second clip was taken in Stockholm, where the athlete etched history and won plaudits. After winning the gold at Kuortane Games, Chopra competed at the Diamond League and broke his own national record for the second time with a massive throw of 89.94m.

With his last throw, Chopra came inches away to touching the 90m benchmark that has been eluding him.

The Facts of the Matter

People across the world love their heroes, especially when they are not pompous and arrogant. Football G.O.A.T Lionel Messi is as well known for his prowess on the field, as he’s known for his heartfelt gestures towards fans. Former Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli is famous for going out of his way to give his fans some unforgettable moments.

Recently, Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra was also celebrated by netizens across the world for his humble attitude.

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Video Shows Neeraj Chopra Touching Fan’s Feet

While Neeraj Chopra making and breaking records on the track field, he’s winning hearts outside the ground. In Stockholm, Chopra was caught on cam interacting with some fans who were waiting for him.

The 24-year-old Tokyo Olympics champion shook hands of fans and interacted them for a brief moment. He showed his humility and displayed his Indian roots by respectfully bowing down in front of an elderly Indian fan and touching his feet. A person is also heard saying, “So down to earth.”

Watch Video of Neeraj Chopra Touching Feet of Elderly Fan

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Netizens React to Neeraj Chopra’s Humility

As one would assume, netizens were ecstatic to see the Haryana-based 24-year-old boy who is making the country proud not only on the field, but off the field as well. One Twitter user said how Chopra is the true role model for the youth, while another commented how his action was a mark of a champion.

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Neeraj Chopra’s Glorious Form

Neeraj has been giving fantastic results ever since he returned to the field after a small break following his gold medal win at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The athlete took some much-needed time off to train better for the competitions ahead of him, and his results are a proof of the work he has put.

Chopra set a new national record (breaking his own record) at the Paavo Nurmi Games on June 14 when he threw a massive 89.30m throw. He then won the gold medal at the Kuortane Games just three days later, despite suffering a nasty fall.

World Championships, Commonwealth Games Next

On June 30, he again created a new record by throwing 89.94m throw, and coming close to the 90m mark.

All eyes will be on Chopra as he will now be competing at the World Championships, that is going to start on July 15 in Eugene, following which, the Commonwealth Games would transpire in Birmingham.


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