Amid the news of all the doom and gloom caused by the ongoing monsoon season that’s set in India, a road caved in under a Delhi flyover today due to heavy rains. After the rains, a hole – about 10-15ft in length – stopped traffic. The incident was reported in South Delhi near the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology.


Just a few weeks after the reports of a traffic cop’s car being swallowed up by a sinkhole in New Delhi, a new incident of destruction caused due to seasonal rainfall has been reported. India is currently amid heavy monsoon which will last till September. As if it’s a routine, reports of people dying in landslides, huge holes being caved in due to rainfalls, and lightning strikes causing devastation have started emerging.

All such reports remind us that although we are crawling towards being a ‘Superpower’ as a nation, infrastructural flaws and loss of lives due to weather changes is still something Indians are forced to deal with.

Incessant Rains Lead to Delhi Road Caving In

Earlier today, the national capital also saw one such occurrence where incessant rainfall led to a huge chunk of road below a flyover get caved in. After the road’s chunk was caved in, a massive hole of 10-15ft, was formed, leading to traffic disruption. The road in question here is situation near the prestigious engineering college Indian Institute of Technology.

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PWD Swings into Action, Assessing Situation

After the officials were informed, the PWD (public works department) was claimed by news reports to be taking a stock of the situation, following which, the repair works shall kick-off. Meanwhile, Delhi citizens were informed of the situation by the Delhi Traffic Police’s twitter which asked people to avoid the route.

Delhi Traffic Police Diverts Traffic

The alert on Twitter read-

“Due to the collapse of the road near IIT Red Light, traffic going from Adhchini to IIT has been diverted to Adhchini to Katwaria Sarai. Please refrain from using this route.”

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What Caused the Mishap? PWD Official Breaks it Down

While the traffic continues to be diverted, PWD has been assessing the situation and the next few days will be taken to complete the restoration work. The reporters on ground asked PWD officials about the cause of the mishap to which the official said that such cave-ins can occur during rains and further was quoted by Indian Express saying-

“The first possible cause is that there is a big drain adjoining the road and that the stormwater in that drain is washing off the embankment of the road. Ultimately, the road crust will wash off and the road will cave-in.”

Going into details about other causes which may have led to the road caving in, the PWD official said-

“The second, more probable cause is that there is a leakage in a pipeline beneath the road. This leads to erosion of earth and the road crust might be able to handle it for some time but eventually, it gives way and caves-in.”

Currently the hole has been barricaded by the Delhi police.

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The Current Rainfall Situation in Delhi

As mentioned earlier, the entire nation, including the national capital Delhi, has been on the receiving of moderate to heavy rainfall since last week. This has led to reports of traffic jams, buildings and walls collapsing, and instances of waterlogging across the nation.

According to the Public Works Department (PWD) officials, waterlogging was witnessed in these places recently-

“Vasant Kunj, Malviya Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, Rohini sector 20, Mubarakpur, Dwarka sector 1 and 8, Mahipalpur, Nangloi, Uttam Nagar, Sangam Vihar, Dabri, Sitapuri and Badli.”