In a bizarre incident, robbers left note at Madhya Pradesh Official’s house which read – “Paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna thaa, (if there wasn’t money in the house, you shouldn’t have locked it). The incident of burglary happened at a Madhya Pradesh SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate) Trilochan Gaur’s house in Dewas. The burglars were apparently left so disappointed at lack of financial resources that they resorted on a passive aggressive method of reaching to the official – leaving a note.


Robbery and burglary are often looked at dreadful events, and for the right reasons. A person’s privacy is invaded, and their hard-earned money or hard-bought materialistic things are stolen. But the life of thieving is not that simple, apparently. What happens when a robber tries to break into a government official’s house, in the hope of making easy money, and finds inadequate resources.

An incident from Madhya Pradesh tells just that.

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The Facts of the Matter

A Madhya Pradesh Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s house was broken by unidentified burglars who didn’t steal much – but actually left him a note. The thieves broke into Mr. Trilochan Gaur’s house in Dewas, just a few kilometers away from the state capital Bhopal. After being disappointed by the lack of money or other valuable things, the thieves left a note which read, “Jab paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna tha na collector (if there was no money, you shouldn’t have locked the house, collector).

House Was Located Near Superintendent’s House

What makes the matter all the more fascinating is that the robbery attempt happened at a high-profile location in Dewas. Mr. Trilochan Gaur’s house is just located between the house of another lawmaker Pradeep Soni, and the house of a MP SP (Superintendent of Police).

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Rs. 30,000 Cash and Jewellery Stolen

After the incident was reported, Inspector Umrao Singh was quoted saying, “Rs 30,000 in cash and some jewellery was stolen from the government residence of Trilochan Gaur, who is currently posted as the SDM of Khategaon. The exact time of the incident is not known yet.”

SDM Was Away Since 15 Days

During the preliminary investigation, it was revealed that Mr. Gaur was away from his Dewas home since the last 15 days. When the Dewas SDM finally came back to his home, he saw his house in disarray. According to a NDTV report, the SDM reported that his belongings were scattered and the burglars had taken some cash and jewllery.

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In Similar News..

While a passive-aggressive note by burglars may seem odd, it is not something that is rare.

Earlier this year, a Madhya Pradesh thief broke in the house of a police man and stole some valuables. Interestingly he left a note of apology where he claimed that he was helpless in the situation. “Sorry Dost majboori thi (Sorry friend, there was helplessness).” The thief had further added that had he not done that, his friend would’ve lost his life. He also added that as soon as he gets the money, he would return it.

“Sorry, Pata Nahi Thaa Corona Ki Dawai Hai”: Thief Has a Change of Heart

Similarly, in Chhattisgarh, a thief had a change of heart when he realized that the medicines he stole were actually COVID-19 vaccine. The thief had reportedly stolen a bag which had over 1,700 of Covishield and Covaxin doses. The accused had not only given the medicine bag to a nearby tea stall, but also left an apology note.

“Sorry, pata nahi thaa corona ki dawai hai (Sorry, I didn’t know these were COVID-19 vaccines)”, the thief had written.