Searches related to Ronaldo Coca-Cola Incident exploded on Google after Coca-Cola reportedly lost $4 billion post Ronaldo’s snub. The incident was followed by a meme-fest on Twitter and left sports fans wondering how Ronaldo caused such a devastating loss to Coca-Cola.


Packaged beverage giant Coca-Cola saw $4 billion market cap wiped off after Cristiano Ronaldo removed the two bottles of the company’s beverages at a press conference. The star Portuguese footballer with a poker face put aside the bottles and continued to talk about the Portugal’s first game at the Euro 2020 against Hungary.

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What happened during the press brief?

The cameras caught the Juventus Football Striker with a poker face picking up 2 small bottles of Coca-Cola and putting it aside. With a contemptuous tone, Ronaldo muttered the company’s name and then picked up a bottle of water and said ‘agua’ out loud. Agua in Portuguese means water. This move was captured by the cameras and soon, the video was making rounds on social media.

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What happened after the Coca-Cola bottle incident?

Following the press briefing, the company’s share prices slumped to $55.22 from $56.10, a 1.6% fall. Although, the price in share may not sound as significant, it should be noted that with the fall in the price of share, the market cap of the company also slumped to $238 billion from $242 billion – a cringe worthy drop of $4 billion.

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Why is the Coca-Cola bottle incident important?

In a hypothetical situation, even another company’s product being placed in front of the star footballer, then being put aside for water, would’ve made its price go down. But this move was especially harrowing for Coca-Cola as it is actually the official sponsors of the Euro 2020. For marketing purposes, the two bottles of Coca-Cola were put in front of Ronaldo.

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Coca-Cola reacts after incident

While the beverage giant is left licking its wound, it did try to damage control and issued a statement saying, “everyone is entitled to their drink preferences” as people have different “tastes and needs”.

Euro 2020 too joined Coca-Cola in issuing a statement and said-

“Players are offered water, alongside Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, on arrival at our press conferences.”

Ronaldo’s aversion to Coca-Cola understandable?

Cristiano Ronaldo over the course of last two decades has accumulated much interest & appreciation for his physical regime, fitness and the dedication to the sport. On the field, Ronaldo gives the testament of his fitness, by being agile as a deer, and resilient as a robot.

It’s no wonder than that Ronaldo is able to not only outpace an outrun football player, younger to him, but also consistently perform well. At 36 years, Ronaldo has only 7% body fat and a 50% muscle mass.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola comes with around 10.6 grams of sugar per 100 ml. Meaning, in a standard 330 ml bottle, there would be approximately 9 teaspoons of sugar. A cause of alarm for any health-conscious person – athlete or not.

In Closing

Given the fact that Coca-Cola can be dangerous to health, and the star footballer’s strict fitness regime, Ronaldo’s actions may be understandable. However, to put aside the product of a sponsor during a press briefing is a strict no-no and it should be interesting whether Coca-Cola takes any action against Ronaldo or not.