In Roorkee, a group of girls were seen pulling each other’s hair, and hitting one another with sticks on road, a dispute which allegedly occurred over Facebook status. The video of the incident shows one of the girls hitting another woman lying on the road, with a wooden stick. Another girl can be seen pulling the hair of the girl who is already being struck with the wooden stick. As the entire ruckus go on, bystanders are seen simply witnessing the fight instead of intervening.

The shocking fight was reported from Hotel Center Point in Civil Line, Roorkee. The four girls in the matter were later identified and arrested. As per a Jagran report, one of the accused in the matter is a dancer, who had shared her video as a status on Facebook. Another girl from Pathanpura locality, Roorkee, had commented on the same, which became the trigger point for the entire incident.

Reportedly, earlier on December 23, the Pathanpura resident had come to Rampur village for some work. On the same day, another woman had thrashed the Pathanpura resident, and shared the video of the incident on social media.

Enraged, over this, on December 24, the sister and the woman who was thrashed earlier, had come to civil lines where she ambushed the girl who had thrashed her, and started thrashing her incessantly.

The Facts of the Matter

When anger spills and rage get better of one, sanity takes a backseat and what follows is chaos. In Roorkee, chaos spilled on the roads, when some girls were seen thrashing each other with sticks on road, over a dispute, which allegedly transpired over a Facebook status.

The incident occurred earlier on Saturday last week and was reported near Hotel Center Point, Civil Line, Roorkee. Some bystanders also took the video of the entire fight, and visuals of the same are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video of the incident shows a girl fallen on the ground, and being thrashed with wooden sticks. The girls are also seen pulling each other’s hair and the girl on the road tries to defend herself and stand on her feet. Meanwhile, a person can be heard saying, “Unhe chudwaoon… Ye school ki ladkiyaan hai (Stop them, these are school girls)”. Meanwhile, later some people emerge and seen trying to intervene and stop the fight.

Watch the Video here:

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What Caused the Brawl?

According to reports, all four girls in the encounter were identified and arrested. One of the girls, a dancer, had uploaded a video of hers dancing on Facebook as a status. In its response, another girl had commented something objectionable which enraged her.

On December 23, one of the girls, a resident of Pathanpura, had gone to the Rampur village where another girl thrashed her and shared its video on social media. This enraged the girl who was thrashed and her sister.

On December 24, the four girls involved in the matter locked their horns near the Hotel Center Point where they struck each other with sticks and pulled each other.


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