In a fascinating news, Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey has been confirmed as World’s tallest woman alive. Standing at over 7 feet, Rumeysa suffers from the Weaver Syndrome, a rare condition that is responsible for accelerated growth. Interestingly enough was remeasured after she was judged the tallest teenager in the world when she was 18. The currently 24-year-old woman is wheelchair bound for the most part due to the Weaver Syndrome.


The human kind is filled with fascinating people. Some short, some tall, some with high IQ and some with high EQ. Every person in themselves is unique and one of a kind. However, some people stand on the other side of spectrum of extremities. These people generally are look in awe and wonderment. While some stigma is associated with such persons, they generally accept their uniqueness and even find themselves on the world’s most exclusive book – the Guinness World Records.

Recently a Turkish woman Rumeysa Gelgi was once again included in the Guinness World Records.

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The Facts of the Matter

Hailing from Turkey, Rumeysa Gelgi stands head and shoulder above every other citizen in her country, her continent, and even the world. At around 215 cm (7 Ft. 0.7 inc), Rumseya is 24 years old and was recently included in the Guinness Book of World Records. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Ms. Rumseya found herself in the book. Back in 2014, 18-year-old Rumseya was awarded the title of the World’s tallest teenager (female).

Who is Rumseya Gelgi? What Caused Her to Grow This Tall?

Similar to several tall humans, Ms. Gelgi also suffers from a disorder that has caused the accelerated growth. The disorder is called the Weaver Syndrome due to which she endured accelerated growth and even skeletal maturation.

Ms. Gelgi also confirmed that she has been the first person in Turkey with Weavor Syndrome. Further she also added that she was born with diseases such as scoliosis and that she can walk for small stretches with a walker.

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Ms. Gelgi Uses Guinness Records to Educate People

On the Guinness World Records website, it has been mentioned that Ms. Gelgi uses the platform to educate people across the world about such rare medical conditions. While most people would assume that being this tall would make others around them look at the person in a freakish way, Ms. Gelgi claims that most people are supportive of her when she first meets them.

Tallest Woman in the World was Once Bullied

However things were not always as wonderful for Ms. Gelgi. Back when she was a child and stood above everyone, she was bullied. However, she claimed that she received support from her family and that people first got intrigued by her and then became kind towards her.

Reportedly, Ms. Gelgi loves swimming as it helps her to relax and in her spare time she goes out on meals with her friends and family. Her circle of friends and family were reported to be proud of Gelgi making it through the Guinness World Records book.

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“Being Different is Not That Bad”: Ms. Gelgi

While publishing her story, the Guinness World Records platform quoted her saying, “Being different is not that bad. It can make you achieve things you never imagined before.”

Even the folks at Guinness World Records were ecstatic to have her make another entry in the book. Mr. Craig Glenday, the Editor-in-Chief of the platform was quoted saying, “It’s an honour to welcome Rumeysa back into the record books. Her indomitable spirit and pride at standing out from the crowd is an inspiration. The category of tallest living woman is not one that changes hands very often, so I’m excited to share this news with the world.”