Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday said Russia will provide unspecified military gear to Pakistan. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Russian Foreign Minister are ready to boost ties to fight against terrorism and the two holding joint naval exercise at sea and in the land.

After 2012 this was the first visit of foreign minister Lavrov to Pakistan. It was a two-day trip in Pakistan nine years Lavrov said.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi on 7th April 2021 tweet that ‘Pakistan welcomes Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov’ and said “building multi-dimensional relations with Russia is a key priority for Pakistan and we believe a strong relationship contributes to regional stability and global security.”

The two rivals stood together after a long period and agreed to promote the trade, economic, and security exercises.

In the meeting, foreign minister Lavrov and Qureshi discussed the current situation of Afghanistan and will soon end the civil war in Afghanistan through the contract. The Ministers also discussed the opportunities of the energy sector about the Pakistan-stream gas pipeline project. In the pipeline project, Russia decided to develop a gas pipeline between Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan.

Sergey Lavrov stated, ‘We stand ready to strengthen the anti-terrorist potential of Pakistan, including by supplying Pakistan with special military equipment.’

Qureshi added that this visit will strengthen and enhance the bilateral past relations of both countries. The delegates also discussed increasing the cooperation and collaboration of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

In 2018 India was not satisfied with the agreement that Russia supplied some Mi-35M helicopters to Pakistan.

In the past, Russia stated that India would not be affected by its agreement with Pakistan, as it is an existing member of SCO. The SCO is a Eurasian alliance that was founded in 2001, and a group of 8 countries. India and Pakistan joined the organisation in 2017.

Even the Army Chief of Pakistan Bajwa stated that Pakistan has no issues with any country and is working on collaborative relations. He said, “We have o hostile design towards any country and will keep on working towards a cooperative regional framework based on sovereign equality and mutual progress.”

Sergey Lavrov also said that this agreement will include bilateral collaboration in diversified sectors such as economy, trade, and defence. The minister added that Moscow is ready to develop further counter-terrorism bilateral relations through the supply of military gear.

Qureshi the Foreign Minister of Pakistan told that it will purchase 5 Million COVID-19 Vaccine doses (Sputnik V) from Russia. Even he stated the desire to develop and update the Railway sector of Pakistan.

In the two-day trip he discussed the defence sector with Army Chief Gen Bajwa, he stated that ‘Pakistan values its relations with Russia and reciprocates the desire for enhanced bilateral military cooperation.’

Lavrov without referring to the other countries involved in the Quadrilateral security dialogue known as “Quad”, steeped into the US undermined strategies that are affecting the continuity operations in Asia-Pacific Region. He stated that ‘In the Asia-Pacific region we see some undermined strategies that occur because of US involvement that are impacting the stability of this region.’