The locals of a Gujarat town witnessed an amazing and unique wedding where a Russian teacher tied knot with a German man in a traditional Hindu wedding. The groom is the son of a wealthy German businessman, who left all the luxuries of his life and went on the journey of spirituality. He got married to a Russian Teacher at Himmatnagar village in Sabarkantha, Gujarat according to Hindu rituals with whom he finds a lot of similarities. The wedding is already receiving a huge amount of attention on social media.

How the Unlikely Couple of German-Russian Come Together?

Julia Ukhvatkina, the bride, a resident of Russia, is appointed as an English teacher in Vietnam and is also a yoga expert. She encountered her now-husband Chris Muller in her working country and soon they found love in each other.

They continued their romantic relationship for quite a long time and finally decided to take their romance to a next level. The couple seems to be a perfect match for each other as both of them are attracted to the concept of religion and are curious to learn about it from different parts of the world. The bride already visited India 8 times and she loved the culture of India.

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Groom Left His Luxurious Lifestyle Behind

The son of the German businessman who lived in luxurious houses ate in fine restaurants, and drove world-class cars, left behind all the luxuries of his family’s wealth, and decided to look for spirituality by leading a simple life and traveling throughout the world. Chris is the owner of a German and Singapore-based company and after working for years, he took the step of turning into a Monk.

Till now he has visited every continent and experienced the way locals lead their simple life. He even lived with the tribes of Amazon and Africa. He has been living in India for a couple of years and he feels India like his home.

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The Fascinating Wedding of the Couple

After traveling a lot, Chris decided to get married in India according to Hindu rituals as he and his now-wife had a keen interest in Indian Culture. The duo was very excited to get married differently and uniquely.

The couple appointed Lalabhai Patel to arrange their wedding ceremony in his village. The German-Russian duo tied their knot and took seven rounds around the fire. They performed a Haldi ceremony and a Ganesh Puja. Sadly, the married couple’s family failed to arrive and attend the wedding due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The Patel family took charge of their wedding and got them married on behalf of their parents.


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