On September 21, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya actress Payal Ghosh claimed that she escaped an alleged acid attack. The actress, who shared her ordeal on her social media, claimed that she escaped with minor injuries and that the attack was planned. The actress, who also serves in the Ramdas Athawale political party said that she will be taking a strict action against the culprit.

The news comes just a week after actress Nikita Rawal was robbed of Rs. 7 lakhs on gunpoint in the Shashtri Nagar of New Delhi. Giving an account of the incident, Rawal had claimed that she dreaded being raped by the culprits and that it was the most traumatic incident of her life.


According to National Crime Records Bureau, between the year 2014 and 2018, India registered as many as 1,483 acid attack victims. 2017 and 2018 were harrowing years when it comes to acid attacks as the country witnessed as many as 596 and 623 attacks respectively. Films like Deepika Padukone starring Chhapak did its share of raising awareness, but the data suggests that India is losing its war on acid attacks.

Recently, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya actress and political leader Payal Ghosh escaped an alleged acid attack. These are the facts of the matter.

The Facts of the Matter

Film and television actress Payal Ghosh recently publicly announced escaping from a “planned” acid attacked by masked men. Reportedly, the actress was going to her home in Mumbai after buying some medicines.

Was Hit With Rod, Attackers Were Carrying Bottle of Acid

The actress further took to her Instagram and narrated the whole incident. According to Ghosh’s claim, while returning back to her home after purchasing medicines, she was attacked by masked men. The masked men attacked her with a rod.

The actress further claimed that while being attacked, she saw the attackers carrying a bottle of liquid, which she assumed to be acid. Claiming that she was hit on her head and her hand, she shouted and the masked men fled.

Ghosh on Who the Attackers Could Have Been

In an ETimes report, the actress claimed that the culprit behind the crime was “obviously not well-wisher” and that it was “all planned”. “Obviously, he is not a well wisher but it’s all planned,” she was quoted saying.

The actress further claimed that she will be taking a strict action against the action. The actress further noted that the masked men thankfully fled after she shouted. “I can’t get out of it, It’s like a mental trauma. Thank God it was a public place and I shouted and these masked guys got scared,” she said.

Payal Takes to Instagram to Narrate Incident

As mentioned earlier, Ghosh also took to Instagram and narrated the incident. In the video, Payal said, “Hi, I am Payal Ghosh and yesterday I went out to buy some medicine. As I was trying to sit in my driver’s seat, some people came and tried to attack me. There was a bottle in their hand. I don’t know what it was. I suspect maybe acid or something.”

She further added, “They also tried to hit me with a rod. I tried to rescue (escape) and shouted, so the rod fell on my left hand and I got injured. Probably today I will go to the police station to do the FIR.”

Watch the Video Here:

She further added, “I don’t know this kind of thing never happened to me in my life ever. This was the first time in Bombay that I had to face this. I really don’t know what it was.”