Popular ethnic wear fashion designer Sabyasachi’s luxury mangalsutra ad was brutally trolled on Twitter with netizens asking ‘mangalsutra or Kama Sutra’ as a negative response to the ad. The recent attack by the netizens comes after a slew of fashion and consumer brands received backlash on the onset of the festive season.

Earlier, Dabur India had to issue an apology and pull its ad where it showed a lesbian couple observing Karwa Chauth. The ad received flak for being ‘unnecessarily woke’ and hurting Hindu sentiments. All this backlash forces one to think as to how are ads with its evidently objectionable content approved to be shared on social media platforms.


It’s another day and another ad with “objectionable content” that has irked Indian masses. Ad creators earn their bread and butter through thinking out of the box by making appealing ads that pushes people to buy products and remember the brand’s name.

However, the recent trend of ads centered around giving religious traditions a new spin has led to brands being panned on multiple levels. Earlier last year, Tanishq was boycotted on Twitter for showing an interfaith couple celebrating a Hindu festival. Recently, FabIndia was criticized for its ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’ ad campaign for using Urdu phrase.

Now, popular fashion designer Sabyasachi is under the public heat for his luxury mangalsutra ad.

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The Facts of the Matter

Fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is receiving a giant pushback on social media for his recent marketing campaign for a line of luxury mangalsutra. The new jewllery line is titled ‘Intimate Fine Jewllery’. Several pictures of the ad campaign titled are being brutally trolled for showing model in intimate poses donning Sabyasachi designed jewllery.

It started with Sabyasachi’s official Instagram releasing a slew of pictures flaunting the fashion designer’s newly designed luxury mangalsutras. The ad features both heterosexual and same-sex couples giving intimate poses, wearing jewllery part of the designer’s new collection.

One ad, that’s making the rounds on Twitter shows a female model wearing intimate apparel along with the mangalsutra as she rests her head on a shirtless model.

The ‘Objectionable and Obscene’ Sabyasachi Ad

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Sabyasachi’s Instagram Post Receives Negative Reactions

Since its release, the ad has been labelled ‘obscene’ and ‘objectionable’. Further, netizens are slamming the designer and his brand for hurting Hindu sentiments and reducing the essence and meaning of mangalsutra to suit his brand.

People on Instagram commented with negative response and slammed the ad left and right.

“Does showing so much skin justify ‘Intimate jewellery’?” asked an Instagram user. “There is no other way to show jewellery really shameful for him never ever buy,” commented another. “Jewellery is one of the beautiful piece of art .. could have advertised in better way …” quipped another in the comments section.

In another post, Instagram users equated the mangalsutra ad to that of a condom brand’s ad. Some Instagrammers also commented that the ad can be mistakenly taken for that of a condom’s ad or a lingerie’s ad.

Screenshot 1 of Comments on Sabyasachi's Instagram Profile

Screenshot 1 of Comments on Sabyasachi’s Instagram Profile
Screenshot 2 of Comments on Sabyasachi's Instagram Profile

Screenshot 2 of Comments on Sabyasachi’s Instagram Profile
Screenshot 3 of Comments on Sabyasachi's Instagram Profile

Screenshot 3 of Comments on Sabyasachi’s Instagram Profile


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Netizens on Twitter Slam Sabyasachi, Seeks Apology

On Twitter, the ad was panned even harder with Twitteratis expressing their displeasure for the brand and the designer.