Netflix’s popular show Sacred Games actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has quit OTT platforms and has further called it ‘Dhanda’. The prolific actor known for his wide-range of character portrayal claimed that the OTT space has become a ‘dumping ground’ for redundant shows. In an interview with a leading entertainment daily Bollywood Hungama, the actor expressed his insights on OTT space and claimed that since he can’t even bear to watch OTT shows and content, he is hard-pressed to act in them.

Interestingly enough, Siddiqui made a lot of buzz for being nominated in the Best Actor category for his part in the film Serious Men, which was produced by Netflix itself. Earlier, Siddiqui also made waves for his critically acclaimed performance in Sacred Games, also produced by Netflix.


A truly fascinating era has dawned for Indian content consumers and creators. Thanks to OTT (over the top) platforms such as Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and more, a common Indian man can watch a slew of international shows and films for which he had to rely on his cable operator once. Further content creators are also picked up by these OTT giants and are given the freedom to create films and shows without any regulatory hassle.

However, on the flip side, to fulfill the demand of the masses, OTT platforms create shows that at times are subpar and redundant. Bollywood actor Nawazuddin has come out and claimed that he has quit all such platforms for the same reason.

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The Facts of the Matter

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s journey in the Indian entertainment industry is truly part fascinating-part inspiring. He started off by playing small roles which were barely a few minutes long. Then, he collaborates with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and together the duo gave industry multiple blockbusters. Siddiqui then transited to the OTT space and starred i n Sacred Games, Serious Man, to win accolades and fame.

From OTT Hit Machine to Quitting OTT Platforms

However, after becoming an undisputed hit machine for OTT platforms, Siddiqui has claimed that he has quit all such platforms. While giving an interview to Bollywood Hungama, Siddiqui shared that he thinks that the OTT platforms is a ‘dhanda’ and no freshness remains in the digital medium.

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“It’s Become ‘Dhanda’, Quality Has Killed Quantity”: Siddiqui Left Disappointed

“When I did Sacred Games for Netflix, there was an excitement and challenge around the digital medium. New talent was being given a chance Now that freshness is gone. It’s become dhanda (racket) for big production houses and actors who are now so-called stars on the OTT platform,” a disappointed Siddiqui said in his interview. “Quantity has killed quality,” he added.

OTT Platforms a ‘Dumping Ground’, Redundant Shows Have Nothing to Say

The Netflix hit machine further said, “The platform has become a dumping ground for redundant shows. We either have shows that don’t deserve to be seen in the first place. Or sequels to shows that have nothing more to say.”

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“If I can’t Bear to Watch Them…”

The actor further shared that he himself can’t bear to watch OTT platforms and its content, and can’t bear to be in them. The actor also added that first the ‘star-system’ curbed the growth of the big screen productions, and something similar is happening to the OTT platforms.

“Yeh star system bade parde ko kha gaya (this star system killed the big screen). Now we have so-called stars on OTT claiming big money and throwing tantrums like Bollywood A-listers. They forget. Content is king. Woh zamana chala gaya. When stars ruled. Before this lockdown and the digital domination, A-listers would release their films in 3,000 theatre across the country. People had no choice but to see them. Now they have unlimited choices,” he said in the Bollywood Hungama report.