In a concerning development reported from Madhya Pradesh, an alleged serial killer is being reported to be on prowl targeting sleeping watchmen by smashing their heads. At least four cases with similar pattern of killing have been reported in the state so far, with at least three confirmed deaths in just last three days, with two victims succumbing in the last 48 hours.

All the killings were reported from the state’s Sagar district, triggering wave of panic among locals. According to a TOI report, the case is being overseen by DGP Sudhir Saxena. Although the incidents were reported to be independent in nature, a link was established after the mobile phone of the second victim was find near the third victim in a different police station area.

The three victims in the matter have been identified as Uttam Rajak, Kalyan Lodhi, and Shamburam Dubey. All the victims are aged between 50-60 years. As per the TOI report, the fourth incident was reported earlier on Tuesday when the fourth victim, Mangal Ahiwar, was attacked and later rushed to Bhopal hospital with fatal skull injuries.

Mangal Ahiwar is currently battling for his life, with local enforcement awaiting his recovery to find more clues about the serial killer which has thrown the authorizes in a tizzy.

The Facts of the Matter

Residents of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh have been living in panic as an alleged serial killer is on the prowl, targeting mainly security guards. The district has reported three killings in three days and a fourth victim was recently targeted on Tuesday, causing authorities to be on an alert mode.

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Modus Operandi of Sagar Serial Killer

Earlier, two security guards were attacked and killed under the CANT and Civil Line police station on Sunday and Monday nights. In each of the case of killing, the accused alleged serial killer targeted his victim in night.

Further, he has struck security guards, who were found sleeping on house premise or under construction buildings. Another commonality was the fact that all the victims were hit with a heavy object (hammer and spade in two such cases).

Killings Started in May

The police had initially categorized the killings as isolated events. In May this year, a 58-year-old watchman, identified as Uttam Rajak, was killed. He used to be a guard of an under-construction overbridged. The victim’s head was smashed and a shoe was left on his face.

While it was a routine case for the police, matters escalated when earlier on Tuesday, a 60-year-old watchman, Shambhu Sharan Dube, was found in the canteen area. A heavy stone was smashed on the victim’s head, killing him on the spot.

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Phone Found Near Victim Establishes Link to Killings

As the police investigated the matter, and tried to assure the protesting citizens, a link between the killings was established. The police recovered a phone near Shambhu’s body and further investigation revealed that the phone was that of 57-year-old Kalyan Lodhi, another security guard, who had been hammered in his sleep. Lodhi was working as a guard of a factory in CANT police station area and was killed on Saturday earlier last week.

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Sketch of Suspect Released, CCTV Footage Analysed

The killings have caused locals to live in panic and have put questions in their minds regarding the law-and-order condition of their district. According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, the police have successfully recovered a CCTV footage which showed the suspect wearing a white shirt and half-pant.

The police have also released the sketch of the suspect. Earlier on Wednesday, a closed-door meeting was held at the police headquarters on the finer points of the puzzling investigation that awaits the officers. The police also confirmed that undercover cops are being deployed to curb such incidents.


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