Azam Ansari, the famous Salman Khan duplicate, was recently detained from Lucknow after creating a traffic snarl with his antics on road. Video gone viral showed him creating reels at Lucknow’s Clock Tower on Sunday. A bare-chested Ansari impersonated Salman Khan’s expressions and steps from famous films.

He has earlier been spotted posing in public places, smoking in public places, and mimicking the star in a passionate way, which often causes crowding that leads to traffic jams. Ansari, who already enjoys following by people who gather around him to watch his attempts of impersonating Salman Khan, created a huge traffic jam in Lucknow on Sunday.

Ansari walked on the busiest of Lucknow roads and continued impersonating Salman Khan as traffic behind him crawled and inched forward. Finally, some commuters alerted the police about the matter who rushed to the spot. Ansari was soon taken into custody and was charged with sections of Indian Penal Code pertaining to creating public nuisance.

He was booked by the Thakurganj police under Section 151 of the IPC (causing disturbance in public place). Following getting booked, pictures of him posing with police without any remorse has gone viral on Twitter with many netizens claiming that a true Bhai fan can never be sad.

The Facts of the Matter

The life of celebrity has some much envy-worthy ingredients such as paparazzi, hordes of fans, privilege wherever a celebrity goes wherever, and more. Interestingly, the life is not just for celebrities, but their duplicates as well. Some people bear an uncanny resemblance to a celebrity, and make it a point to not draw any attention to the themselves. And then there are those who may share some resemblance, but make it a point to draw spotlight on themselves by mimicking the celebrity they look alike or dressing like them.

Who is Azam Ansari?

Recently, a person who belongs to the latter category caused public nuisance in Lucknow by impersonating popular actor Salman Khan. Azam Ansari, famous for impersonating Salman Khan, was on the busy roads of Lucknow, creating reels, and causing traffic snarls because of the same.

It should be noted that Ansari has over seventy-seven thousand followers on Instagram, and whenever he goes on the streets to make a reel or video, he draws a lot of attention on himself. What doesn’t help is that he also adds bystanders in his video who stop for a moment to catch a view of him.

Salman Khan “Duplicate” Causes Traffic Snarl in Lucknow

On Sunday, when Ansari took to Lucknow’s Clock Tower area, something similar happened. A bare-chested Ansari was seen on the busy roads of Lucknow creating reels, impersonating Salman and drawing as much attention to himself.


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Video of Azam Ansari Causing Nuisance Go Viral

People on the streets were shocked to see Ansari stand in front of moving vehicles without a care for the traffic snarl he was causing. Soon, some pedestrians alerted the police about the nuisance and the cops soon arrested the Bhai fan before a major incident was triggered.

Bhai Fan Detained, Stays in ‘Bhai Element with Police

Based, on the complaint, he was booked under Section1 151 of the IPC for breach of peace at the Thakurganj police. Hilariously enough, pictures of him posing next to cops following being detained make it appear like the cops have asked a selfie for him.

It should be noted that Ansari has been known for causing public nuisance by smoking in public, posing in public locations, and more.

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