Bollywood actor Salman Khan is the news again. The actor filed a defamation case against his Panvel farmhouse neighbour. Reportedly, the actor moved to the Mumbai City Civil High Court against his neighbour Ketan Kakkad. Ketan Kakkad is a Non-Resident Indian who allegedly made derogatory remarks against Salman and his family over the sale of a piece of land. According to a Pinkvilla report, Kakkad had given an interview to a YouTuber where he made certain remarks on the aforementioned subject. Along with Kakkad, Salman also involved YouTube, Google and Twitter in the suit. The actor wants the platforms to take down the defamatory content about him distributed on the sites.

It should be noted that Salman Khan had won another defamation case against the creators of a mobile game called Solmon Bhoi in September last year. Recently, Salman was in the news after he was bitten by a non-venomous snake in his Panvel farm house.

The Facts of the Matter

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has started his year on quite an eventful note. After 2021 ended with him making the news after being bitten by a snake, Salman is making buzz again. Not for an upcoming project or rumours of a relationship, but for taking to the court. The Dabangg actor recently approached the Mumbai City Civil High Court claiming he was defamed by his Panvel farmhouse neighbour, and hence, has filed a defamation case.

The neighbour has been identified as Ketan Kakkad. Moreover, the actor in his suits also added social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and other tech giants for arraignment.

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Why Has Salman Filed Case Against his Neighbour?

The Bollywood actor has filed a complaint against his neighbour Ketan Kakkad for making defamatory remarks against him and his family over the subject of sale of a piece of land. In his plea, it was shared that Ketan Kakkad had tried buying a piece of plot beside Khan’s Panvel farmhouse.

However, the deal was cancelled by the authorities as it was illegal. After the said deal was cancelled, Kakkad made derogatory accusations against Khan and his family, claiming that the deal was cancelled at the behest of the Bollywood actor.

After the actor’s team unearthed videos of Kakkad’s interviews about the same on various social media platforms the, defamation case was filed.

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What Transpired at the Court?

Along with filing the defamation case, Khan also filed an interim relief application, seeking an urgent relief where all the social media accounts of Kakkad and his team be blocked and the derogatory content was taken down.

In the court, Salman was represented by Pradeep Gandhy. Advocate Gandhy claimed that the defendants (Kakkad, and others) made false and baseless allegations in the videos. He added that the allegations in the videos caused harm and loss to Salman Khan and his family, along with their businesses.

Meanwhile, Kakkad was represented by Advocate Abha Singh. In the court, it was stated that the defendants were served with the papers no sooner than Thursday. The advocate opposed the interim relief and sought for more time to go through the pleas and formulate a response.

According to a Bar and Bench report, the sessions court Judge Anil H. Laddhad heard both the sides from the two counsels. He went on to grant more time to Kakkad and defendants to come up with the replies. The next hearing is scheduled for January 20, 2022.


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