In a concerning news for all ‘Bhai’ fans, Salman Khan was recently hospitalized after getting bitten by a snake at his Panvel farmhouse. On Sunday, it was reported that the Dabangg actor was discharged. Reportedly, the actor was bitten by a non-venomous snake, which explains his quick discharge from the hospital. According to reports, the incident happened on the wee hours of Sunday morning after which the actor was rushed to the MGM Hospital, Kamothe. It should be noted that Salman celebrates his birthday at his Panvel farmhouse as a ritual. On Monday, December 27, the actor will celebrate his 56th birthday.


According to a study published in 2020, nearly 1.2 million people died due to snake bites between 2000 and 2019. This means that 63,158 people died on an average every year between 2000 and 2019. The statistic came from a report titled ‘‘Trends in snakebite deaths in India from 2000 to 2019 in a nationally representative mortality study’.

Interestingly enough, World Health Organization, has estimated that the world sees as many as 81,000 to 1,38,000 deaths over year and half of these come from India. What’s even more alarming is the fact that the WHO claims that there are three times the above people survive snakebites, but end up suffering from permanent disabilities and even need amputations in some cases.

The Facts of the Matter

The birthday celebrations for Salman Khan have begun on a shaky ground. On Monday the actor will be celebrating his 56th birthday. On the wee hours of Sunday morning, the actor suffered a snake bite and was immediately taken to the MGM hospital. Reportedly, the snake was a non-venomous one and on Sunday morning at around 9 AM, the actor was discharged.

Salman Was at Arpita Farms, Taken to Hospital at 3 AM

The incident was reported from Arpita Farms, a farmhouse in Panvel, named after the actor’s sister Arpita Khan. According to a Times of India report, Khan was brought to the MGM Hospital at around 3 AM. The actor had been bitten by the snake on his hand.

Anti-Venom Injection Administered Just in Case

After being brought to the hospital, the Antim actor was given an anti-venom injection. Although he was bitten by a non-venemous snake, the injection was administered as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, Salman’s bodyguards had already caught the snake in a container after the incident, and gave it to the hospital to identify the species, in case a specific antidote had to be brought in.

Salman spent 6 hours in observation and was later discharged, being declared out of danger.

Salman’s Pre-Birthday Celebration with RRR Team

Earlier this week, Salman’s birthday celebrations began and he was thrown a pre-birthday party on the Bigg Boss 15 sets. He was joined by the team of upcoming Rajamouli film RRR. In one of the upcoming episodes of the show, the actor will be seen enjoying his pre-birthday celebrations with the likes of Alia Bhatt, NTR Jr, Ram Charan.

BB Contestants Give Performances on Salman’s Pre-Birthday Party

In the upcoming episode, Alia will be seen giving a surprise to Salman and telling him that the Bigg Boss contestants have something in store for him. The Bigg Boss contestants will be giving some power-packed performance for the actors and Salman will also be seen grooving to so some of his super-hit songs.