In Sangli, locals received a striking and silent reminder of Burari deaths after as many as 9 members of a family were found dead at home, with police presuming mass suicide as the cause of death.

The incident was reported from Sangli district’s Mhaisal town in the state earlier on Monday, June 20. The police recovered the bodies of five females and four females in the horrific aftermath of the mysterious mass suicide incident.

The deceased were identified as Manik, Popat Yallapa Vhanmore, two brothers. At Manik’s home, the police recovered the bodies of his mother, wife and two children. Manik was employed as a veterinary doctor. Meanwhile, at the younger brother’s home, the police found the bodies of his two children and wife along with Popat.

After the recovery of the bodies, Sangli Superintendent of Police Dikshit Gedam issued a statement which read, “We have found nine bodies in a house. Three bodies were found at one place, while six were found at other different places in the house”. The police have so far speculated that the family died by consuming pesticide.

The incident is eerily similar to the Burari case where 11 members of the Chundawat family, aged from 80 to 15 years, died by suicide. The incident spawned conspiracy theories, conversation around mental health and even a Netflix series.

The Facts of the Matter

Suicides in all ways and forms, are horrifying and heartbreaking in nature. However, there are times when a horrific nature of a suicide case is magnified due to the circumstances around it. Recently in a small town in Sangli district Maharashtra, locals were horrified to find out a total of 9 members of the same family were found dead by the police at their residence, in a case which is currently being speculated as the case of mass suicide.

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No External Injuries

According to officials involved in the case, the deceased individuals showed no signs of external injuries, which has opened the door to theories involving mass suicide.  According to reports, the deceased include brothers – Manik and Popat Manik Vhanmore.

Bodies Found in Separate Places

The bodies were found in two separate houses of the two families living close by. At Manik’s residence, the police recovered his body along with the bodies of his mother, two children and wife. Meanwhile at Popat’s residence, the police recovered the bodies of Popat, his wife and two children.

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Forensic Analysis Team Rushed in, Pesticide Consumption Speculated

As per the police, the family is that of doctors. After the startling discovery, preliminary probe was initiated into the matter and forensic analysis teams have been rushed to the spot.

The police are awaiting the post-mortem report regarding the deaths, which would shed more light on the suicide. So far, it’s being speculated the family members consumed pesticides to take their lives.

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What the Police Are Saying

Following the discovery, Manojkumar Lohiya, Special Inspector General of Police, was quoted in an Indian Express report saying, “Primary probe suggests that there are no external injuries on any of the bodies. Some kind of poisoning seems to be the reason behind all of their deaths. We are now probing whether this poisoning was accidental, like food poisoning, or whether it was a suicide pact.”


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